Archie Comics Pubwatch: September 2021

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Welcome to the Archie Comics Pubwatch for the month of September! I’m Lisa, reporting from a corner booth at Pop’s Chock ‘lit Shoppe, and here’s this month’s news! In this month’s Archie Comics Pubwatch, Big Ethel Energy launches on WebToons, Dan Parent has a Kevin Keller Kickstarter running, and much more!

Big Ethel Energy Debuts on WebToons

Archie Comics Big Ethel Energy Webtoon Logo Feature Image

After having previous success with their Bite-Sized Archie digital comic strip roll-out, Archie Comics has introduced another digital-only series, this one exclusive to WebToon.

Big Ethel Energy follows Ethel Muggs, who returns to Riverdale after trying to make a life for herself as a journalist in the big city. Though she’s kind of struck out and is dealing with an unsatisfying job and a looming eviction, hope lingers. She gets an offer to write an article about the city from the Mayor Of Riverdale. Even though this requires moving back to a town she hates, Ethel sees the opportunity for revenge — having been bullied and excluded by Archie and the gang for years, she’ll reveal their worst sides in her article. But Ethel isn’t the only one who’s changed.

The series is written by Keryl Brown Ahmed and drawn by Siobhan Keenan, with colors from Cathy Le, and letters by Kielamel Sibal.

As of press time, we have a review of the series upcoming. Your Noble Pubwatcher read the episodes available at press time and while it didn’t scratch that itch for her, it might please readers who enjoy a soapier take on the Riverdale world. You can read the first strip for free here and judge for yourself.

Dan Parent Launches New Kevin Keller Kickstarter

Kevin Keller, All-New Archie #1, Fiona Staples, Archie Comics, July 2015

Signature Archie artist Dan Parent has launched a Kickstarter to fund the release of a Kevin Keller omnibus. The book will be 700 pages long and be called Kevin Keller Celebration! As of press time, it has accrued $38,024 of the $49,500 it’s seeking.

Aside from the book, you can get rare, signed comics, custom art or find yourself drawn into an Archie comic if you pledge to certain levels. Click above to find out more about the reward levels offered.

New Stadium Comics Cover Variant for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #9 Available for Pre-Order; Veronica and Sabrina variants sold out


This Nuno Pereira homage to Marvel Comics Presents #72 will have an exclusive run of 250 copies. There will also be 25  covers stamped on metal, which were only available as part of three cover package including the non-metallic version of the cover and the standard cover drawn by Robert Hack.  There will also be 50 covers done in black and white cardstock, also limited to a four-pack.

All are guaranteed to be in VF/NM condition or better. The variant on its own costs $14.99, the four-cover pack $49.99 and the three-cover pack $29.99. Only the regular variant remains in stock, and you can-pre-order it here.

Stadium also offered two more covers on Pereira’s ongoing series of Pop Art Comics. Sabrina Spellman covered Betty and Veronica’s Halloween Spooktacular #1 and Veronica covered Archie Halloween Spectacular #1. Both are currently sold out.

Archie’s Holiday Magic Special #1 to Light Up the Holiday Season

Archie Comics’ 80th Anniversary celebration draws to a conclusion with Archie’s Holiday Magic Special, an anthology what-if issue in which our central hero is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future when he can’t decide if he wants to take Veronica or Betty to the Snow Ball. The issue promises both to be romantic and funny with a nod toward past stories and ideas.

Micol Ostow, Michael Northrop, and J. Torres will write the three stories which comprise the issue. Gretel Lusky, Arielle Jovellanos, Dan Schoening will handle the art, with Matt Herms on colors and Jack Morelli on Letters.  Lusky also provides a cover (right), with  Gary Erskine providing the alternative cover (left).

“We were definitely inspired by the Archie reboot series from Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, and feel-good Hallmark movies for this fun and heartwarming anthology,” Archie’s  Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante stated in a press release. “We think it’s a perfect way to celebrate 80 years of Archie by taking a trip through different eras of Archie’s life as he ultimately rediscovers the importance of friendship and community during the holiday season.”

The issue will street on December 8.

Archie Comics Tweet of the Month

An immortal reaction to a gif posted of Cheryl’s bee charming moment on Riverdale.

Sugar Sugar of the Month

White Brunette and White Blonde teenagers Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper lie submerged in a pile of orange-yellow leaves. You can only see the teenager's smiling faces and Veronica's small golden earrings

The World of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #8
Jim Amash (Art); Bill Golliher (Writing, Cover);  Jack Morelli (Letters); Rosario “Tito” Peña (Cover); Ron Robbins (Writing); Jeff Schultz (Art); Glenn Whitmore (Colors)
September 8, 2021

Will I ever stop recommending Betty and Veronica-based digests to y’all? Well, maybe someday, but definitely not this month. The central story here features the girls deciding to compete with Jughead and Archie’s leaf blowing business by creating their own — this one staffed by all of their fellow Riverdalian ladies. They have to battle giant piles of leaves to reach their goal but reach them they do.

Hotdogs and Hotshots

Archie Andrews - a redheaded white teenager - grins at the audience while wearing a red and white santa hat. His head is all one sees and it rests in a pale green circle against a dark green background

Archie: 80 Years of Christmas (TR)
Bob White (Cover); Various (Art And Writing)
September 29th, 2021

What do you mean it’s too early to start celebrating Christmas? If you’re feeling a little bit gloomy, this hefty collection of holiday-centered tales will please the grinchiest Archie fan.

Archie Andrews, a white redheaded teenager wearing his classic white shirt/green bowtie/black letterman vest and yellow checkered pants outfit- stands jauntily atop a white platform against a red background dotted with yellow stars. On the ground to his left is Jughead jones, his dark-haied white tall teenage friend in a purple sweater with a white J on it and a grey fool's cap atop his head, contentedly toasting Archie

Archie  80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest #4
Pat and Tim Kennedy (Cover);  Vincent Lovallo (Cover); Jack Morelli (Letters); Dan Parent (Art and Writing); Rosario “Tito” Peña (Cover); Bob Smith (Art); Glenn Whitmore (Colors)
September 1st, 2021

In this groovy little tale, The Archies undergo some growing pains. They explore various genres and musical styles to help bolster the band’s flagging bookings, which results in a wild ride through music history.

Picks From The Timecops

Sabrina Spellman - a white-haired white-skinned teenager with her hair cut short in a bob, sits upon a tombstone, her hands tucked contemplatively beneath her chin, and her knees resting upon her elbows, eyes upon the viewer. She's wearing a white peter-pan collared shirt, a red sweater with a black collar, and grey slacks rolled up at the ankles, with black and white saddle shoes on her feet. The background is rusty brown colored.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #9
Robert Hack (Cover and Art); Jack Morelli (Letters); Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Writing)
October 13th, 2021

All eyes are on the belle of the ball this month as the infamous Archie Horror title Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reenters print. The story picks right up where issue 8 left off, so if you’ve been dying to find out where the Spellman coven goes from here now’s your chance.

A cast photo of the actors from Riverdale, a bunch of white, good-looking teenagers in a dimly-lit diner


Riverdale: Varsity Edition Vol. 1 (HC)
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Writing), Aaron Allen (Writing), Janice Chiang (Art), Thomas Chu (Art); James DeWille (Writing), Joe Eisma (Art), Elliot Fernandez (Art), Will Ewing (Writing), Michael Grassi (Writing),  Daniel King (Writing), Britta Lundin (Writing), Alitha Martinez (Art); Ross Maxwell (Writing), Greg Murray (Writing), Brian E. Paterson (Writing),  Thomas Pitilli (Art),  Bob Smith (Art), Andre Szymanowicz (Art), Jim Towe (Art);  Glenn Whitmore (Colors); Tessa Leigh Williams (Writing);  John Workman  (Art)                                                                                                     October 20th, 2021

Want to get some Riverdale in your Archieverse? This hardcover edition captures the first issues of the comic spin-off of the popular CW TV show.

White teenagers Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge and Jughead jones poke their heads through the eye and mouth holes of a giant Jack O'Lantern

Archie’s Halloween Spectacular #1
Jim Amash (Art); Bill Galvan (Art); Bill Golliher (Writing);  Jack Morelli (Letters); Dan Parent (Art and Cover); Glenn Whitmore (Colors)
October 6th, 2021

In this amazing-sounding lead story, Archie ends up with a Jack-o-lantern for a head when he makes one of Sabrina’s friends mad at a party. Sounds guaranteed to give a whole generation of kids the vapors!

Archie Andrews - a redheaded teenager in a blue turtleneck drives a red convertible down a peaceful suburban street lined with trees. Beside him is blonde, ponytail wearing Betty Cooper sits beside him in a pink sweater. They react in amusement to their friend Jughead jones, who is wearing a fool's cap and a purple sweater and jeans, and is eating one of the many apples which spill over the sides and into the front seat of the car. There's a yellow sign with blue and red letters behind them at a distance that advertises apple picking

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #324
Jim Amash (Art); Francis Bonnet (Writing and Cover); Pat and Tim Kennedy (Cover); Jack Morelli (Letters); Rosario “Tito” Peña (Cover); Jeff Shultz (Art); Glenn Whitmore (Colors)
October 10th, 2021

In a tale that sounds just as wacky as the whole Pumpkinhead adventure, Archie passes out apple seeds to his neighbors, and years later there’s a bumper crop of apples infesting Riverdale. What’s a town to do with too many apples?

Archie Andrews - a white redheaded teenager, is dressed in a gorilla costume, the head tucked into the crook of his elbow. Betty Cooper, his blonde girlfriend, is dressed up in a banana costume, wearing red tights. Brunette Veronica Lodge is dressed in a pink princess costume, and Jughead Jones is dressed like a knight

World of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #9
Jim Amash (Art); Francis Bonnet (Writing and Cover); Jack Morelli (Letters); Dan Parent (Art and Writing and Cover);  Rosario “Tito” Peña (Cover); Bob Smith (Art); Glenn Whitmore (Colors) October 10th, 2021

Betty and Ronnie plan on a sedate Halloween night in passing out treats to the kids who stop by, but magical hijinks interrupt!

Second Looks

Archie Giant Comic Adventure (TR)

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