Vault Comics Pubwatch: August 2021

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If you’re a fan of Barbaric, then there’s good news: You’re gonna get lots more of it. The first issue of the series (check out our review!) has already gone to third printing, and while we see what Owen, Axe, and Soren will get up to in the next few issues, Vault has announced that there will be more Barbaric in 2022, with several miniseries and one-shots.

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #1 has also gone back for reprints, with a new cover in the works. You can check out our review of the first issue here.

Were you out and about for Free Comic Book Day on August 14th? One the list of the many great comics you could grab was Vault’s Vampire the Masquerade #1 (check out our review!) as well as The Unfinished Corner from their young reader’s imprint, WonderBound.

If you’re not reading Shadow Service yet, you should be. Learn more about it in this SyFy interview with creator Cavan Scott.

Coming Soon

Lunar Room by writer Danny Lore, artist Gio Sposito, colorist DJ Chavis, letterer Andworld Design, and designer Tim Daniel. Is a fantasy sci-fi noir series that promises magic, tech, gangsters…and one very tired werewolf. The first issue will be out in November and will feature a  variant cover by Vault Cover Artist-in-Residence, Corin Howell.

Cynthia “Sin” Breaker used to be a lot of things. A werewolf. A mob enforcer for a powerful mage. A name feared on every street of Solar City. But now she’s forcibly retired from all those things, trying to get over her past job and past loves.

Also coming in November is Fox and Hare, a cyberpunk series co-created by writer Jon Tsuei and artist Stacey Lee.

When black market coder Aurora Yi uncovers top secret data that has tapped into the past lives of the citizens of Mazu Bay, her world is turned upside down. The mega corporation Synastry Designs wants its data back and is hot on her trail. Aurora has no choice but to turn to the Fox and the Hare, the most feared mercenaries in the city, for protection. Rebellion. Reclamation. Rebirth.

And if you’re been loving Vault’s Undressed covers, stay tuned! We’ve got something naughty coming your way!

First and Faves

It’s been a light month for titles since my last pubwatch, but what we’ve got hits hard in different ways:

Hollow Heart comes to its painful finale with the sixth issue. Previously, EL had managed to escape the safehouse that Mateo had kept him in, only to discover that he had never truly been free of the tethers that bound him. Worse, we now know who has been telling the stories that float over Mateo and EL’s journey, teasing at hope, but ultimately wrapping us back up in a neverending dream. Hollow Heart is not for the faint of heart. It’s a gut-wrenching story of love and how that love can be twisted by those who care for us the most.

cover of Hollow Heart #6 (Vault Comics, August 2021)

Much like Loki, Bill has discovered that the Big Wait is not what he thought it would be and went about trying to bust down its walls. That didn’t work out so well, we learned, and now Bill is stuck in a wretched threesome with his beloved wife who isn’t the beloved wife he remembered her to be, and the asshole who murdered them, whom he now kind of doesn’t hate anymore. It’s a sordid relationship and I love it. In Heavy # 7, we also get to see more of Kyle (lots more) and her fiery mouth (“weaponized whiskey fart” lol) as she lets Sharon in a few secrets about the Wait and the dicks in charge. Simpy put, Heavy is a not-so-simple questioning of the afterlife and our beliefs that does so in an irreverant, often hilarious and, surprisingly heartfelt way.

A man rides a flying pegasus while another floats in the air and a road winds around a tall tower


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