Previously on Comics: Pepe the Frog’s Revenge and DC Coming to Webtoons

Before we get into this past week’s news, I just want to redirect you to Kate Tanski’s previous Previously on Comics where she breaks down two very important issues: the ethics of comics creators moving to Substack and the importance of a bisexual Robin. If you missed out on this news in Kate’s piece last week, I urge you to have a look now.

As for this week:

Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie continues to go after alt-right and neo nazi assholes who keep trying to co-opt his creation to their cause. This time, reports Vice, Furie has successfully lobbied to get OpenSea to shut down NFT sales for the project, “Sad Frog District.” The Sad Frog District team tweeted that they have sent over a Digital Millennium Copyright Act counterclaim and are awaiting a response.

BOOM! Studios announced a big list of promotions and new hires.

Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan’s first female street artist, has been sharing heartbreaking images depicting the impact of the Taliban’s takeover of her country. Her work can be found on Instagram.

Comic creators, especially those at the big 2, continue to struggle while DC and Marvel profit off of their work and creations on the big and little screens. Vice reports on this issue that continues to plague the industry.

In an exclusive announcement, Entertainment Weekly reports that Jonathan Hickman, the writer responsible for ushering in the X-Men’s new era, will be taking a leave from monthly X-titles — for now. The upcoming Inferno event will be his last issue as he focuses his attention on his “Next Big Marvel Thing.”

DC Universe characters are heading to Webtoon. There are no details on the deal made between WarnerMedia’s DC Entertainment and Webtoon, but the simple math is that DC will be able to tap into the webcomics site’s 72 million monthly users.

Tini Howard will be leaving Marvel Comics to venture over to DC Comics with a Batman story coming in December. This signals the end of her exclusive contract with Marvel that was announced in March 2019.

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