Cover Girl: Fight Girls #3

An athletic woman in a swimsuit adjusts her swimcap. A large shark looms in the panel behind her

Welcome to Cover Girl. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Louis, Kat, and Wendy discuss the Frank Cho cover of Fight Girls #3.

An athletic woman in a swimsuit adjusts her swimcap. A large shark looms in the panel behind her and a the head of a dinosaur and a turtle are in panels below

What is your initial reaction to this cover as a piece of comics art?

Wendy Browne: Honestly, the nice lady looks nice, but I’m here for that shark (is that a Megalodon? Please let it be a Meg), the coy look on the dino’s face, and the intense turtle glare.

Kat Overland: I think it’s very well rendered but pretty static — the white space isn’t doing a whole lot for me. I’m also not sure if the animals are meant to be a part of the ten women, or the challenges, at first glance.

Louis Skye: Ooooh, sharky!! That’s the only thing I saw on this cover, honestly. I had to look again to take in the rest of the details. Before I go onto those, it’s such a big Great White that it could be a Megalodon, as Wendy said. If there’s a dinosaur in this book then I think a Megalodon will be plausible. Moving on from the shark though, the lady is very nicely rendered. Also, she’s got athletic-looking legs, which is cool.

What do you think the artist is trying to achieve?

Wendy: The woman is supposed to be the prominent figure here, I assume, and I appreciate how much effort Cho puts into the Olympian athleticism of her body, but it’s the cover design that really stands out for me. The use of white space and sleek lines of the geometric shapes really make the background and in-panel creatures pop more prominently than the apparent main character — which maybe isn’t exactly what he was trying to achieve, but I like it. The choice to cross-hatch so intensely on the shark and nothing else gives the creature that ominous, shadowy, slicing doom feeling. Did Cho want me to hear the Jaws theme in my head? Mission accomplished.

Kat: I’m not quite sure what tone this cover is supposed to give me — it’s not really sexy or scary, and it’s also not very dynamic. I love Frank Cho’s muscular women, and this one is no exception, but my eye is pulled between her and the extremely detailed shark in a way that makes it unclear who the focal point is meant to be.

Louis Skye: Not sure, honestly. I’m a bit confused about the artist’s intentions here. While I do like the shark and I get that there’s a marine theme, I’m not certain what the swimming lady has to do with the creatures? Does she have to fight them underwater? If that’s the case, why am I not getting that much of a fight-vibe from this cover? Also, as everyone else has mentioned, the lady gets lost in the cover. The shark is huge and amazing and my eye didn’t notice anything else, not even the dino and the turtle, just the shark. Perhaps it means the shark wins the fight?

Out of the four challengers depicted, who do you think is going to win?

Wendy: I’m going to be very upset if that shark doesn’t take the crown.

Kat: I’m picking slow and steady sea turtle.

Louis Skye: The shark wins. It’s already won the cover, it’s definitely winning the actual fight. Go, shark, go!

Fight Girls #3 is out on September 15 from AWA Studios.

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