REVIEW: Silk #3 Has Silk Tangled in a Villainous Web

Saya Ishii and security

Silk’s current antagonist, Saya Ishii, might not have Spider-powers like Cindy Moon, but she has certainly been weaving an impressive crime web over the past three issues of Maurene Goo and Takeshi Miyazakwa’s ongoing Silk series. Silk #3 finds Saya Ishii and the cat demon Kasha continuing their rampage on Brooklyn’s gangsters.

Silk #3 

Maurene Goo (writer), Ian Herring (colorist), VC’s Ariana Maher (letterer), Takeshi Miyazawa (artist)
Marvel Comics
May 12, 2021

Silk and Saya Ishii standing against a shadowy background

Kashan is an antagonist originally introduced in Peter David’s 2011 run of X-Factor. Silk #3 finds Kasha working together with Saya Ishii, but their intentions are still as mysterious as ever. Saya seems to be trying to use Kasha to convince the gangsters to do something with the tech from Fujinet, the company that Saya runs. If the murders of the gangsters are any indication, the gangsters have refused to cooperate with Saya so far.

These murders and the recent attack on Cindy’s boss, Jonah Jameson, have been making Cindy stressed lately. She even says so in the first few pages, which feature a session with Cindy’s new therapist, Max. Unbeknownst to Cindy, Max is also Saya’s brother. Based on his thoughtful consideration of Cindy’s mental health, he doesn’t seem to bear any ill will towards her. Nonetheless, his connection to Saya has me on guard.

Speaking of Cindy’s mental health, a highlight of this issue is that Cindy appears to be in danger of spreading herself too thin. This is especially noticeable when Max asks what she does to take care of herself, and Cindy replies, “Protecting people I care about is my self-care.”

Cindy and her therapist Max have a session

A few pages later, Cindy rushes to the scene of an attack by Kasha, only to find she is too late to save a gangster that Kasha just killed. This causes Cindy to feel guilty since the gangsters were relying on Silk’s protection in the previous issue. Since she failed to save the gangster, Cindy’s thoughts immediately go to Jonah, and she goes to his apartment to check in on him as Silk.

From Cindy’s confrontation with Kasha to Silk’s dinner with Jonah Jameson, Ian Herring’s colors work together with Ariana Maher’s lettering and Maurene Goo’s writing to convey Cindy’s internal and external state. A nice contrast I noticed was the red background behind Cindy as she looks at Kasha and her latest victim in shock and the usual red lettering of Cindy’s internal monologue as she berates herself on the way to Jonah’s place.

Of all the pages in this issue, I enjoyed Silk’s interaction with Jonah Jameson most. It starts amusingly because Jonah gives Silk dinner, but Silk says he has to close his eyes while she takes off her mask to eat to avoid revealing her true identity. Jonah also knows what happened with Kasha and gently tells Cindy that she can’t save everyone and that she has to protect herself to avoid burning herself out.

Given that Jonah was the one who initially taught Cindy that it’s okay to ask for help in the first Silk series, it is gratifying to see him supporting Silk despite not knowing she is Cindy. Although Jonah might figure out the truth eventually, there is no doubt that he will continue to support Silk.

Silk has a talk with Jonah
Silk and Jonah Jameson chat at dinner

If Cindy’s interview with Saya is any indication, Silk will need all the help she can get in order to beat her. Saya has a ditzy influencer front that belies resourcefulness and a hint of danger. Not only does Saya know Cindy is Silk and who Silk’s loved ones are, but Saya also has some mysterious powers that give her eyes a cool purple glow.

Once again, Maher’s letters and Herring’s colors shine during Cindy and Saya’s talk, giving Saya a vibrant purple background as she speaks. Colors change from blue to represent cool yet tense moments, while a bit of red enhances Cindy’s declaration as she says, “You’ll find that threatening people I care about will backfire.”

Cindy Moon and Saya Ishii talking
Cindy Moon and Saya have a tense conversation

After Cindy is forced to cut her interview short when Saya calls security, Maher and Herring shine in a brief but cool action sequence that shows Cindy is still capable of defending herself even when not in costume. Soon after, Cindy goes to work and receives a mysterious message that leads her to a super-powered villain that is revealed to be Saya’s father.

Meanwhile, we also see more hints of Saya’s powers as she goes to check in on Kasha and finds her summoning a giant demon-cat god! If I had to guess, Saya’s powers are either cool purple concussive blasts that are either technology or magic-based.

All in all, Silk #3 shows Silk being drawn deeper and deeper into a web of Saya and Kasha’s crimes and whether she will be able to get out remains to be seen. Things are going to kick into high gear in future issues for sure.