Vault Pubwatch: May 2021

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Vault’s spotlight this month is on its middle grade and young adult imprint, Wonderbound, which announced a new title coming this fall: Hello My Name is Poop, written by Ben Katzner, illustrated by Ian McGinty, colored by Fred C. Stresing, and lettered by Andworld Design.

A child opens their shirt to show off a name tag that reads "Poop"

Will Poupé becomes the new target of bullies at his middle school. All day long, they call him Poop. However, when Icky the Janitor reveals himself to be a wizard in disguise, Will learns that there is a pantheon of Names of Power—if you are given one of these names, you gain certain abilities. Poop is one of those names. He now has powers that he could use to get back at the bullies! But power—even poop power—is exactly what can turn someone into a bully. With some help from his friends, Will must find a way to use his fantastic farting magic for good.

Also coming soon from Vault’s main comics line is Deadbox from writer Mark Russell, artist Bejnamin Tiesma, colorist Vladimir Popov, and designer Tim Daniel.

An empty comic book story with a bright light shining from a door at the back

Deadbox is a horror story set in the town of Lost Turkey, where the main source of entertainment is a cursed DVD machine that seems to know more about the fate of its citizens than they do.

Firsts and Faves

Highlights from some of this month’s goodies:

  • I Walk With Monsters comes to its surprising and emotional conclusion in the sixth issue. Read my interview with writer Paul Cornell and artist Sally Cantirino.
  • So so many eyeballs, but exactly who are the good guys. And goodness, that majestic, impressive, amazing reveal at the end of Witchblood #3!
  • Come for the multiple incredible variant covers, stay for the trial to save humanity where an HVAC guy and part-time vigilante has to prove our lives are worth it in Blue Flame #1.
  • Bill’s afterlife limbo dream was to return to the arms of his loving wife. Uh, that hasn’t exactly worked out so well. This Other Sharon is everything Bill does not want, but has to work with anyway in Heavy #6.
  • Money Shot #11 goes full frontal and more, offering up “Vault Undressed” covers with the introduction of new artist, Caroline Leigh Layne, and a new character who, Chris and the team learns, is a book that shouldn’t be judged by her gorgeous cover.

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