Vault Comics Pubwatch: March 2021

Vault Pubwatch banner - image of Aydis from Heathen, art by Jen Bartel

The big news for Vault Comics in this month’s pubwatch is their distribution deal with Simon & Schuster, Inc, joining several other publishers who are looking beyond the Diamond Comics distribution monopoly in order to reach wider audiences in ways that are more reasonable for both the reader and for local comics book stores. Titles will be available to order through Simon & Schuster beginning in May.

Christopher Cantwell, co-creator of the AMC Drama, Halt and Catch Fire, is teaming up with Vault to launch his comic, The Blue Flame. This new hero was born from the creator’s “feelings of helplessness he’s been grappling with as an adult in the face of many of the challenges facing modern society.”

Vault announced another team up this month with the introduction of “Boggy.” The Bog Wight from The Plot gets its own creepy 7.5-inch tall statue from Level52 Studios.

Rebekah Isaacs steps away from her role as artist on Money Shot, with Caroline Leigh Layne stepping in. Layne is known for her Mimosa Memoirs on Webtoons. The series will return with issue #11 where the XXX-plorers gain a new teammate on their sexy science adventures.

Four people look upward towards a sexy woman perched on a crescent moon above them

And finally for this month’s Vault news, the company’s editor-in-chief, Adrian Wassel celebrated his birthday on March 13 — happy birthday!

First and Faves

Here are a few highlights from this month’s reads:

  • Jacey is packing a shotgun, ready to confront the big man that took her brother away from her. David doesn’t like it, and I don’t like it either because Jacey seems very very determined to do this her own way no matter the cost in I Walk With Monsters #4.
  • Just an immortal witch girl, her bike, and her crow familiar. And also vampires and a foul-mother hex hunter. And great hair. What more could you want from Witchblood #1?
  • Of all things that are going on in Resonant #8 as Pax washes up from a shipwreck and the kids try to find safety, the big take away from this issue is that our puppy Fern is a very good girl, yes she is!
  • Joss and her friends pinpoint the seed that will finally give them answers to their lost Oert, but as always, the Celestials are in the way. With one Celestial murdered, Aquarius is on the case, which means lots of opportunities to spend with this watery divinity’s watery design which extends into the unique word balloons of the character.

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