Vault Comic Pubwatch: February 2021

Vault Pubwatch banner - image of Aydis from Heathen, art by Jen Bartel

Vault is all about your listening pleasure this month, with the announcement of a team up with GraphicAudio to produce Vagrant Queen audiobooks.

Vault has also teamed up with Books Kinokuniya for an exclusive trade paperback of Bleed Them Dry featuring a cover by the one and only Yoshitaka Amano.

There’s also more news about Ram V and Anand RK’s Radio Apocalypse.

First and Faves

Get your highlights from this month’s reads here.

Hollow Heart #1 is heavy. It promises a story of pain, of silent pain endured, and it drags you down hard from the moment it begins. It’s not without some sliver of hope within the despair it presents though, as the once-man, now mostly machine named EL finds a connection with a lonely mechanic named Mateo who offers EL a path to freedom. Read my full review here.

“Fuck how do I cry?” Jacey asks herself. That’s the most powerful fucking sentence in this issue as a child who has been so abused and numbed to pain begins this awful journey of hunting down bad men. This issue explores the monsters inside as Jacey and her partner argue over who deserves to kill the Important Man and why in I Walk With Monsters #2.

Just as I really begin to love Slim, Bill’s partner, God goes and throws a whole new wrench in the wheel by introducing a new new partner after taking Bill on a walk down This Coulda Been Your Life. Heavy #5 continues to mess around with all the right expectations and I love it.

Ty returns to his siblings with monstrous humans not far behind in Resonant #7 and is greeted with a beautiful scene of love and acceptance. It’s always heartbreaking to read stories of children forced to take on grown up responsibilities due to horrible circumstances, but beautiful too to see them written with such respect and empowerment.

Some excellent visual storytelling takes place in Engineward #7, with Joss and her friends making a significant discovery about the history of their planet while narration, designed like tabs folded onto each panel, pace the scene. And oh hey, it looks like gods can bleed.

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