Previously on Comics: It’s Ur Birthday

The most important news of this past week is that it was our EiC, Nola’s birthday. Nothing else really matters.

Okay, I guess there was some other stuff too:

Meet the new Wonder Woman, Yara Flor.

DC is opening up the Infinite vault to release previously unpublished work in their Let Them Live! line.

Looks like people stuck at home during lockdowns still found time and funds to keep the comic art market going.

With conventions unlikely to happen again this year, Image and Skybound are thinking about holding a 2022 or 2023 convention on a cruise ship.

Look out for The Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community 2020-2021 this month, the first in a reference series spotlighting Black comic creators, with proceeds donated to the Dwayne McDuffie Foundation.

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is set to reopen in March and will include an exhibit all about the science of Marvel’s superheroes.

Dark Horse Comics is bringing Roye Okupe’s dream of bringing an African superhero universe to life.

Oh, and if you’re here looking for our Br@ndon Gr@h@m piece wherein we give space to allegations and warnings of disturbing behaviour in hopes of protecting others, we’ve received a cease and desist letter from Gr@h@m’s legal council and have subsequently removed the article that probably isn’t cached anywhere.

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Wendy Browne

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