Vault Comics Pubwatch: November 2020

Vault Pubwatch banner - image of Aydis from Heathen, art by Jen Bartel

What’s New?

A big deal for Vault Comics this month is the long awaited release of Brandon Sanderson’s The Dark One, a graphic novel, starring a young man who is haunted by visions of a dark fantastic world that turn out to be prophecies of a future where he becomes a fearsome destroyer. As any Sanderson fan knows, when the speculative fiction author isn’t busy writing, he’s busy writing, which may excuse the almost two-year wait for this book since its initial announcement. This is his second foray into comics (the first being White Sand from Dynamite Comics). There’s apparently a TV show in the works, too.

I love a well done comic book trailer and I want to see more of them, like this trailer from Tom Saunders for Shadow Service. Music choices power the dark and dangerous feel, but the sound effects and the perfect image choices and timing really nail the presentation.

If you’re not already a Vault Comics fan and all this isn’t enough to entice you, then why not try checking out some of their titles for free?

Meanwhile, here’s Tim Daniel showing off his logo design work for Vault titles:

In case you missed it, the I Walk With Monsters digital ThoughtBubble panel is still available for your viewing pleasure, featuring the creative team being interviewed by Vault’s Director of Sales and Marketing, David Dissanayake. The first issue of I Walk With Monsters will be out at the end of the month, featuring several variant covers, including one by Mirko Andolfo.

Coming Soon

Vault announced the upcoming queer horror story, Hollow Heart, from Paul Allor and artist Paul Tucker.

A skeletal face in a helmet

Hollow Heart follows EL, who used to be human, but is now a jumble of organs in a bio-suit. EL is also in tremendous pain and has been for a very long time. Hope arrives in the form of Mateo, a mechanic brought in to work on EL’s suit. Mateo sees EL in a way no one else ever has. And what’s more: Mateo offers EL an escape. “Empathy is a tool and a burden and a gift,” said Allor. “When we see someone in a state of joy, we feel our own spirits lifted; and when we see someone in pain, we realize their pain is hurting us, as well.”

Hollow Heart will be available in February of next year.

November Highlights

Here are highlights from a few of my firsts and faves:

Gina’s new partners aren’t in love with her company, but she’s definitely an asset to the team, which we get to learn a bit more about here with a deep dive into Coyle’s abilities and how he acquired them. Shadow Service #4 once again defines monstrous creativity with the creatures that keep crawling from its panels.

“I guess this isn’t the subtle part of your plan?” she asks, as if anything about Glane’s plans to steal a planet have been subtle to this point. But where last issue was a bit of a slow burn with planning details, the heist is ON in Heist Or How to Steal A Planet #8. It starts with a mad dash to the courthouse that’s better than any street parade, and ends with a coy twist about who played whom.

No One’s Rose is gathered up in a complete collection which means it’s the perfect time to explore a post-apocalyptic world of unique biotechnology and the ideologies that seek to protect or destroy it.

Money Shot #10 ends (?) the series with a universal tentacle sex bang and the appropriate people finally get their comeuppance. All in all, a satisfying climax.

With Engine Ward #4, I am back to praising the intricate details Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou puts into his lettering work that make each word balloon unique. From emphasis through colour shifts, and the truly stunning depiction of words translated from speaker through machine, I am in awe. The story is getting really interesting too.

Playboy scores with an exclusive short story, Money Shot: Pleasure Planet. The story is filled with lots of sexy times and lots of tongue in cheek (and everywhere else) moments.

Cover Gallery

Enjoy the covers of the new and continuing series issues out since my last pubwatch:


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