REVIEW: HELLIONS #6 – Death Comes To Arakko

Last we left our intrepid band of miscreants, they were on their way to Arakko to steal the enemy’s swords before the competition began. But uh, the competition is well underway, so what happened? Well, that’s for Hellions #6 to explain.

Hellions #6

Rain Beredo (cover), Carmen Carnero (artist), David Curiel (colors),  VC’s Ariana Maher (letters), Tom Muller (design), Stephen Segovia (cover), Zeb Wells (writer)
Marvel Comics
November 18, 2020

This review contains spoilers for Hellions #6.

Hellions #6 Cover by Stephen Segovia and Rain Beredo with Tarn over the defeated Hellions

Crap, that didn’t go as planned. The Hellions do indeed make it to Arakko, but days late and an eyeball short. Seriously, this team has never looked as beaten down as they do when they come out of the Arakko gate. Nanny has a nice little dent, everyone looks tired and drained. Everyone that is, except Sinister, who has found a makeshift cape.

Hellions #6 by Carmen Carnero - Hellions Emerging into Arakko
Alex has HAD IT.

Alex loses no time in giving Sinister the business and has every right to be grumpy because he’s missing an eye. In its place is a bloody strip of cloth. And moments later, Alex finds out that they’re too late and the swords have already departed for the contest. Alex has HAD it with Sinister, and rightfully so, as he finds out that the real reason Sinister wanted them to come to Arakko was to get genetic samples of their mutants…because of course he did.

Alex yelling at Sinister in Hellions #6 by Carnero
And you know what?

And that’s when we meet the unbelievably terrifying Locus Vile. They’re all warped monstrosities of flesh and bone, and most are adorned with soulless metal masks. The following data page introduces them: Tarn the Uncaring, the creator; Mother Rapture, with her Blade Fish; Hex Butcher, forever killing, forever eating; Sick Bird, with her terrifying spine-spikes; Mudgear the Recanter, filed with deadly tumors; and Amino Fetus, who forever hungers but cannot feed. We also learn that like Krakoa, Arakko has three laws for their mutants. The three laws of Arakko read as a perversion of the Krakoan laws. Where to Krakoans the first law is to “Make More Mutants”, to Arakkoans that first law is to give yourself to Tarn for that same purpose. Instead of “Kill No Man”, the second law is to spread fear and hatred through the land. The final laws of each continue to run parallel. For Krakoa, that law is “Respect This Sacred Land.” For Arakko, it’s to usher Tarn to new lands to further his perversions.

Immediately things go south for the Hellions, as Mudgear unleashes a tumor blast at Nanny, blowing her clean in half. Empath cowardly flees, Alex loses his hands, and Orphan Maker gets treated like a wishbone before Amino Fetus tries to eat him. Psylocke leaves Wild Child to cover the remaining team’s escape before Sinister too seems to meet his end. Empath saves the other three from Saturnyne’s priestesses in Otherworld and is promptly gutted by Greycrow for fucking with his mind. The rest of the team makes it back to Otherworld just in time to get killed by another Sinister to keep his secrets.

Alex about to punch Sinister in Hellions #6 by Carnero

Now three of our Hellions died in Arakko, and the rest made it back to Krakoa, so it seems like they may have made it without getting hit by Otherworld fuckery. But who is to know how whole a mutant that died in Arakko will be when they get brought back. The clearest thing here is that Sinister’s machinations WILL catch up to him, it’s just a matter of how and when.

Cori McCreery

Cori McCreery

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