EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Marvel the First 80 Years

Silhouettes of Thor and Captain Marvel

On November 17, you can take a walk through 80 years of Marvel comics history in a beautifully illustrated journey of the company that helped shape the way we look at superheroes (and villains) today. Read on to learn more and see an exclusive preview of the new book published by Titan Comics.

Cover of Marvel: The First 80 Years (Titan Comics, November 17, 2020)

Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years

An in-depth, beautifully illustrated companion book which explores the origins and rich history of the largest comic book publishing company in the world, from the minds of infamous creators such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko – Marvel Comics!

For 80 years, Marvel Comics has inspired millions of fans worldwide with iconic characters and timeless stories that have brought the Marvel Universe to the forefront of contemporary pop culture. Though now the company is famous for their blockbuster hits such as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, and Spider-Man, this book will explore the company’s humble beginnings and its struggle to become the powerhouse of publishing that it is today. Featuring all-encompassing overviews of the trials and triumphs from each decade, with marvellous milestones, characters, creators, incredible illustrations, and behind-the-scenes trivia.

It’s the ultimate love letter to the world’s mightiest Super Heroes.

Black Panther's introduction in the pages of Fantastic Four
Black Panther’s introduction
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