Previously on Comics: Time is a Flat Circle

Hello and welcome to another edition of Previously on Comics! I am your host, Kate, and this week is one of those weeks where it seems like not much is happening in the world of comics, but also a lot is happening. I took September off, but in August I wrote about Bloodbath Monday at DC Comics, and now seems like a good time to remind everyone that the announcements were required due to California and federal WARN laws to be announced at least 90 days before they actually happened, so those layoffs will be starting in a couple weeks.

This week’s top news story (for me) is the NPD report confirmed that “graphic novel” sales are up 42% in North American bookstores. It’s important to note that “graphic novel” in this context includes not only graphic novels, but trade paperback collections of single-issue comics and manga as well. And in fact, “According to NPD, the manga subcategory has 25% year-on-year while the superhero subcategory has declined 11%.”

Why manga is becoming more popular and superheroes are declining is something people could speculate on forever, but it might have something to do with the fact that Marvel has been making a lot of stupid decisions lately. This past week they made another one, and EIC Nola Pfau announced on Twitter that WWAC will not be covering X-Men for the foreseeable future due to the new artist announced on the flagship title.

In more Marvel news, a new New York Times article on donations to Biden and Trump reported that the $21 million donated by Ike Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment accounted for almost a third of what Trump raised overall.

It’s been well-documented that Perlmutter is a Trump supporter, and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

But there could be a very significant change soon, and that leads me to end with something important, hopeful, and helpful.

The US Election is a week from tomorrow. Many states have mail-in ballot options this year, and several states (including Washington state, where I live) have been doing only mail-in ballots for years, and if the US government is not going to make in-person voting equitable and convenient for everyone by making voting day a national holiday and ensuring there are enough poll workers and voting centers that the poorest communities have to stand in line for 10 hours or more, mail-in voting is a solution. You don’t get the happy “I Voted” sticker, but you also minimize health risks and having to stand in line for hours due to voting law restrictions.

Artist Winston Schultz recently posted a helpful comic about the mail-in voting process, so if you have friends, family, coworkers, or even acquaintances with questions, it’s a wonderful resource to share, especially with mail-in ballot deadlines approaching swiftly.

Take care of yourselves everyone, and take care of each other. Hopefully when it’s my turn again next month, it’ll be a different world.

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