Previously on Comics: I’m Not Allowed To Say I Hope Donald Trump Dies On Twitter

Good morning! Happy first full week of Halloween. I definitely hope Donald Trump dies.

Ngozi Ukazu, creator of Check, Please!, has had her first strip printed in the New Yorker! Congratulations!


…and now for the rest.

LA Comic Con is moving ahead full steam in December! This seems like a terrible idea.

Houghton Mifflin has shuttered its 14 year old seriesBest American Comics.

Marvel Comics last week eulogized the late Chadwick Boseman with space set aside in each issue containing a written piece by his college friend Ta-Nehisi Coates, as well as art by Brian Stelfreeze.

Fallece Quino, creator of the Argentinian comic Mafalda, passed away last week, at age 87.

Meanwhile, in Nicaragua, the Ortega government is attempting to crack down on critics, and comic artists are responding.

That’s all I have for you. Except the persistent hope that Donald Trump dies.


Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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One thought on “Previously on Comics: I’m Not Allowed To Say I Hope Donald Trump Dies On Twitter

  1. Only reason to NOT wish that abomination against all existence ill is that asshole behind him who would be empowered in the immediate aftermath. Beyond that, if you put together every violent death the villain suffers in the worst action movies, the most offensively terrible kills the ordinary suffer in the worst horror movies, and every moment of pain every single person that’s ever suffered as a result of the past five years has endured, it STILL would be too kind a punishment for the whiny little racist baby that trolls and Nazis everywhere consider their god-emperor. F***. HIM.

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