Previously on Comics: “Congratulations” to the New Comics “Laureate”

If you’re in and about North America, we wish you a safe and contented Thanksgiving and/or Indigenous Peoples Day. Otherwise, we just wish you a good day, and also, have some comics news for you.

That’s Not How a Laureate Works…

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival announced their 2021-2023 UK Comics Laureate, Stephen Holland. Unlike the first three laureates, including Hannah Berry, whom we recently interviewed, Holland is not a creator as would be befitting the title and definition of “laureate” but rather, he is a comic shop owner and patron of the festival itself.

Ramona Fradon: 94 and Still Fighting for Truth and Justice

Ramona Fradon, who has been illustrating comics since 1950 and is still doing commissions, recently offered up two new works featuring Wonder Woman taking down Trump with her lasso of truth.

Marvel’s New Crop of Elite Artists: The Stormbreakers

Marvel Comics has introduced a new group of elite artists on a two-year term where they will enjoy exclusive opportunities in the company’s publishing line. The Stormbreakers are:

  • Pat Gleason, Amazing Spider-Man
  • Josh Cassara, X-Force
  • Peach Momoko, regular cover artist
  • Natacha Bustos, Spider-Woman, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur
  • Iban Coello, Dark Ages, Venom
  • Carmen Carnero, Hellions, Miles Morales: Spider-Man
  • Juann Cabal, Guardians of the Galaxy
  • R.B. Silva, Fantastic Four

Images of Marvels new "Stormbreaker" artists

The previous elites, known as the Young Guns, have been grandfathered into this new ’90s action film-based category. “There’s a special skill set you need to have in order to draw comics at the highest level,” Marvel Comics’ executive vice president Joe Quesada says. “Like the finest illustrators, you must be able to draw anything and everything at any given moment, have the keen storytelling eye of a master film director, the ability to convey emotion in characters like the world’s greatest performers, and the imagination of the greatest storytellers in history.”

Here’s hoping these stormbreakers get to spend enough time on any particular book that fans can actually get to know and love their work, and that they aren’t relegated to churning out pages upon pages until they get burned out before that two-year term is up!

Congratulations to MacArthur Fellow, N.K. Jemisin

N.K. Jemisin is one of 21 writers, scientists, and artists who are now part of the MacArthur Fellowship Program.

The program grants each fellow a £486,000 no-strings attached stipend as an “investment in their potential” that allows them to “pursue their creative inclinations.”

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