Previously On Comics: It’s a Good News Week – Huzzah!

It’s my turn to write the news roundup for the week, and how sweet it is to see that, at least for the moment, the major events are positive!

GoFundMe Success for Mira Bellwether

Mira Bellwether, author of Fucking Trans Women: A Zine About The Sex Lives of Trans Women, has reached her GoFundMe goal with the help of many people, including one Shia Lebeouf.

The funds will be used to help Bellwether complete her transition, with extra funds going to aftercare, says Callan, Bellwether’s wife in the latest GoFundMe update.

Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya 

Five days after his promotion to the position of publisher of IDW, Jud Meyers was put on administrative leave for undisclosed reasons. Now IDW has terminated him, with President Jerry Bennington assuming the publisher role in the interim. The publisher’s statement was brief, thanking everyone for their discretion.

Adrienne Resha’s Blue Age and GSC Plans

Despite various shutdowns and pandemic limitations, the Graduate Student Caucus of the Comics Studies Society still has big plans for the year. Here’s what its new president, our own Comics Academe Assistant Editor Adrienne Resha has to say.

It’s been a big year for Adrienne, which also sees the publication of her “The Blue Age of Comic Books.”

Quick Hits

Meet the three Jokers, I guess.

Kevin Wada joins the ranks of creatives sharing funding and sharing their work through Patreon.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is working on rebuilding its brand and trust after spending almost two decades under executive director Charles Brownstein.


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