Previously on Comics: Mostly Sort of Not All Bad News

I’d love to pretend that comics is a sunshiney place where everyone is welcome, but we’re not there yet, folks. There is still lots of work to do. But fear not! I’m not all bad news about crappy people for today’s news report. Read on to find out what’s been going on this past week.

Done With the Shitty Boys Club, Thanks

As we move into July, Multiversity continues to update their timeline of recent allegations against bad players within the comic book industry. This is an important reminder that it’s beyond time that the industry clean itself up and ensure that it is truly welcoming to all.

Geppi for President, Founder, Chairman, CEO, and Everything Else, I Guess

Diamond Comics Distributors announced an executive change in the wake of its return to comics distribution after a hiatus during the pandemic lockdown. On July 1, Steve Geppi, founder, chairman, and CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises, the parent company of Diamond, announced that he would be replacing Stan Heidmann as president of the company. Geppi offered no explanation for Heidmann’s departure and Geppi’s subsequent expansion of titles on his business cards. What does this means for the Diamond’s distribution practices following DC’s split that effectively broke Diamond’s monopoly? Well, so far, according to The Hollywood Reporter, comic stores are none too happy with increased pricing as retailers try to get back up and running again.

DC Not So Daily Anymore

After announcing the end of the DC Daily talk show due to pandemic-related production issues, DC Daily aired its final episode on July 3. The episode featured farewells from Freddie Prinze Jr, Gail Simone, Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Dini, Phil Jimenez, and more.

Valiant Entertainment Portfolio Reviews

With no conventions to go to this year, publishers are adapting their usual practices to a virtual environment. This year, Valiant is taking the portfolio reviews that would normally occur at events online with Valiant’s Virtual Portfolio Reviews on July 9 and 10. Senior Editors Lysa Hawkins and Heather Antos will spend 10 minutes with selected applicants.

Ushering in the Revival of the Indian Comic Book Scene

Co-founder and CEO of Indusverse Pvt. Ltd., Arunabh Kumar, along with partners Alok Sharma and Saumin Patel, are looking to “empower artists and writers from India to tell stories that will showcase Indian culture and history to the whole world and also transcend across media.”

Quick Hits

Is that Dynamite Entertainment’s CEO, Nick Barrucci supporting a #comicsgate livestream? 

Cartoonist Gene Luen Yang speaks out against the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Charles’ Brownstein.

Publisher’s Weekly looks at what publishers are doing during a year without conventions.

CBC asks what comic books teach us about COVID-19, anti-Black racism and more.


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