Previously on Comics: Cyclops Was Right

Comics distribution has started again, but that seems like such trivial news right now because this has been a hard week. An exhausting week. It started with Amy Cooper trying to weaponize the police against a Black man, and led to George Floyd being murdered by a cop, which is exactly what could have happened to Christian Cooper if Amy Cooper had her way. I have cried every day this week. My blood boils. I suddenly find myself siding with Cyclops because I still, despite all the evidence, have to watch people make excuses for injustice and derail or turn away from the issue because they are uncomfortable with the reality that all lives do not actually matter. I still live with the knowledge that I have family members and friends who I cannot trust to stand up for the injustices that affect my children and I just because of the colour of our skin. But unlike Cyclops, we do not have fancy mutant powers or a giant mutant island to keep us safe. We live here and now in the reality where systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism pervades. At what point do we say “enough is enough?” What does it take to get people to stop turning away and, instead, help fight the systems that harm us all?

Anyway, a couple of things happened in comics this week.

Newsarama is joining the GamesRadar team, where they will deliver daily comics news and opinions via starting today.

Indie comics artist Caroline “Morgan” Bren’s death has been confirmed after she was reported missing since April 7. No foul play is suspected.


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