Dynamite Pubwatch: June 2020

Dynamite Pubwatch Banner - Red Sonja by Jenny Frison (Dynamite Entertainment)

In this month’s Dynamite Entertainment Pubwatch, the company is finally starting to circulate some of the issues it had intended to release in April, which is an improvement. Unless you read that new Nancy Drew graphic novel they just put out.

Welcome to the Dynamite Entertainment Pubwatch for the month of June! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news!

No July Solicits; Fresh Comics to Be Released in August

Apparently in order to catch up with their backlog, Dynamite has offered no July solicitations. The company has indeed, however, offered some August solicitations, including a new Red Sonja/Mars Attacks! crossover series.

Dynamite To Release Red Sonja/Mars Attacks! Crossover in August

Red Sonja - a red-headed woman in a fur cape and metallic bikini - stands before a vaguely phallic castle, which is sketched in an outline behind her. There's a large silhouette of a Mars Attacks! Martian behind her, with its large head and teeth, his yellow eyes glaring at the reader malevolently. Sonja holds and brandishes a sword menacingly, and the background art fades from purple to pink to gold

With its comic line finally moving back into production, Dynamite has announced the launch of a new series with its August solicits: Mars Attacks Red Sonja.

Written by John Layman with art by Fran Struken, the blurb promises that Sonja will tangle with “the Martians of the Hyborian Age:” ancient martians which predate the main series’ existence.

The book is set to street in late August.

Big Blast of the Month

Suspended until Dynamite swings back into full production mode.

Bangs and Fizzles

Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: Death of Nancy Drew #1

Anthony Del Col (Writer);  Joe Eisma (Art)
June 2nd, 2020

The Death of Nancy Drew #1. Dynamite Comics. April 2020

Dynamite has finally swung back into publication mode, but only four titles have been released since it relaunched as of press time. Fourteen more will be dropping next week. But, no matter how starved you are for entertainment, you shouldn’t read this one; as Louis Skye let you all know in our review, The Death of Nancy Drew was not a good experience. Hardboiled but not in a fun way, with a twist you can see coming a mile away. (Gee, I wonder if Nancy faked her death, just like the creators of the book insinuated in the multiple interviews they did to pee out the firestorm they caused due to the unfortunate timing of the book’s release, which coincided with Drew’s 90th anniversary?) Life is far too short to worry about Joe Hardy’s manpain.

The Boys: Dear Becky #1

Gus Brandt (Art); Garth Ennis (Writer)

June 2nd, 2020

A woman's portrait appears pensively glancing upward in a pool of scarlet blood. The tip of a man's shoe can be seen at the edge of the frame.

If you like “The Boys” then you’ll love “Dear Becky,” the latest arc of the long-running Dynamite comic-cum-Prime-based series. For me, it doesn’t do a lot, but if you want to spend a lot of time with violent assholes doing violent asshole things with universe mythology, you can. In this arc, Hughie and Annie plan their wedding, but there’s a dark secret of what happened to Becky, wife of Billy Butcher, whose murder inspired the creation of The Boys…or did it?  Fans of the series will be breathless with anticipation. Me, I’d rather read something that leaves me feeling less icky.

Future Fire

Our coverage of upcoming titles is suspended until Dynamite resumes shipment of comics.

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