Previously on Comics: Adrienne and Kate Are Great

Despite the pause in comics distribution and the limited access to comic stores right now, there’s still a lot going on in comics news, but clearly none of those things are as important as our Adrienne Resha and Kate Tanski joining the Executive Board of the Comics Studies Society, as announced on May 2, 2020. Adrienne takes on the role of president of the Graduate Student Caucus of the Comics Studies Society for the 2020-2021 term, shortly after her promotion to Assistant Comics Academe Editor right here at WWAC. Adrienne will be supporting Kate, who, as our Comics Academe Editor, has worked hard over the years to evolve this monthly series into a library of essays, interviews, and educational resources that have garnered the attention of international scholars in comics studies. Kate joins the Comics Studies Society executive as Member-at-Large.

Also of note, University of Winnipeg professor of comic books and Canadian Literature, Candida Rifkind, whom we interviewed for Comics Academe,  moves into the role of Immediate Past President.

Revised Publishing Dates for May 27th Return to Distribution

Diamond Comics Distribution will have a new Previews Magazine out on May 27th with revised solicitation dates. Publishers have revised their publishing schedules accordingly. Marvel has announced their balanced schedule, which is aimed at being “the most thoughtful way we can for fans, creators, and the industry during these unpredictable times.”

UK Comic Creators Survey

Comics Laureate Hannah Berry introduces an anonymous survey that has been “designed to gather information and generate insights about comic producers across a range of creative practice, and at all levels of activity.”  The goal is to help shape an accurate image of the UK comics industry, including its strengths and weaknesses, in hopes of better supporting creators.

Supporting Female and Non-Binary Comic Book Retailers During the Pandemic

Insider Art is a digital anthology of comics and crafts designed to entertain readers of all ages, with proceeds going to INSIDER ART: Female & Non-Binary Comic Book Retailer Fund to support their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring a long list of female and non-binary contributors, the project combines a digital book, a collaborative fabric from Spoonflower that is composed of artists’ cat illustrations, an auctions of original art to raise funds.

Speaking of Supporting Retailers

The #Creators4Comics twitter-based auction has raised over $430,000 in confirmed bids intended to support American comic retailers who have been forced to shut down due to the pandemic. #Canucks4Comics and #Aussies4Comics have subsequently spawned from this concept, supporting their respective comic retailers.

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