The #VaultColorUp Colouring Book Is a Good Way to Kill Some Time

pencils with the names of various Vault Comics titles

Not a company to sit idle, Vault Comics introduces the Vault Color Up! coloring book to help pass the time during quarantine and social distancing. Available for free download, the book features 22 pages from their diverse library of science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics.

Vault Color Up!

Tim Daniel (Designer)
Vault Comics
April 9, 2020

pencils with the names of various Vault Comics titles

Adult colouring books are my jam, especially geeky ones. They are a great way to pass some time, especially given the current state of the world where many of us are finding ourselves with a whole lot of time that needs passing. While getting comics into comic stores isn’t exactly happening right now, and several companies have implemented pencils down orders for their creatives, giving us that comic fix in new and interesting ways like Vault Color Up is a smart move. I had my copy printed at the local Staples and, after a curbside pickup, I’m well on my way to a nice, relaxing day of colouring with my markers, crayons, and pencil crayons. Maybe I’ll even get adventurous with some watercolours.

If you’ve been following my monthly Vault Comics Pubwatches, you’ll have picked up on which of Vault’s titles have risen to the top as my favourites, so the pages I gravitated to first in my colouring choices won’t be a surprise. This is a fun opportunity to revisit some of my faves to add my own spin. It’s also a good opportunity to check out other books that I might need to give another chance.

“Vault books are perfectly suited to provide the opportunity for anyone and everyone to flex their creative muscles while enjoying a relaxing exercise filled with escapism,” says Vault’s designer Tim Daniel in the press release, however, a number of the pages fail that perfectly suited test by offering little opportunity for actual colouring. As I’ve noted in my guide to good geeky (or otherwise) colouring books, the key is ensuring that there’s enough on the page for a colourist to work with. Most people downloading these pages might be amateurs just looking for a way to pass the time, but pages filled mostly with solid black is wasted colouring space.

Two people stand beneath a giant black and gray robot

That said, pages like this aren’t a total loss. Thanks to the clean framing design for each page, even with minimal opportunity to colour the pages ourselves, they are still worthy of framing and mounting on a wall. The pages from books like The Plot and These Savage Shores leave little room for satisfying colouring, but as we’ve seen in the black and white pencil versions of these books, the inked pages of these comics are stunning on their own.

Vault promises that there will be more Color Up! books, including title-specific creations. Go ahead and take my money for a Money Shot colouring book, thanks.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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