Previously on Comics: Marvel to Release the Claremont Cut and DC Comics Goes to the Zoo

Oh hey it’s Monday! And comics industry news from last week was actually pretty good!

Marvel will release an extended version of Chris Claremont’s God Loves Man Kills next month.

For the first time, the Scotiabank Giller Prize will open its doors to graphic novels.

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) announced its 2020 list of top graphic novels for teens to help librarians stock their shelves.

Kathleen Wisneski announced that she was promoted to associate editor at Marvel at the end of last year.

Eric Stephenson, publisher at Image Comics, says there are just too many books for comic stores to handle.

DC Comics and the L.A. Zoo are encouraging families to put away the electronics and head to the zoo for Reading with Zoo-per Heroes, an all day interactive reading event on February 8.

Holocaust survivors are working with artists to retell their stories for a project that aims to bring these graphic memoirs to a younger audience.

The Beat reported on the sales charts for Webtoons, featuring the top 30 comics from 2019.

Well, most of the news is good, except for Stephanie Cooke being harassed by comicsgater’s thanks to Ethan Van Scriber’s ego. When will the comics industry take out its trash?


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