Day: January 23, 2020

In John Constantine: Hellblazer, Missteps Set the Series Up for Something Greater

John Constantine: Hellblazer #2 opens with Noah, the mute boy from the previous issue, proclaiming his dislike for the titular magician. He’s right, but nobody is listening. The room of Ri-Boys and Constantine don’t understand sign language, and despite the absolute truth of what he’s saying and the necessity of these characters hearing it, it’s…

Doctor Who Goes Nostalgic in “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror”

Director Nida Manzoor and writer Nina Metivier created “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror,” only the third Doctor Who story both written and directed by women (with the other two being “Enlightenment” and “The Witchfinders”). That is an achievement that cannot be understated, and is proof of Chibnall’s desire to move the program forward. Sadly, the representation…