Wolf Cop Dodges a Silver Bullet

Cover of Wolf Cop TPG C Dynamite Comics 2019

Disgraced cop Lou Garou (and yes, Loup Garou Means “Werewolf” in French), run out of town on account of being accused of two murders, has stolen his cop car and cut a somewhat sociopathic, hard-drinking (while driving) path through the state. When he’s bitten by a thug he encounters on a roadway, Garou is transformed into a werewolf — dubbed WolfCop, naturally, and continues to do so whenever he’s angered. Booze-loving and donut-powered, Lou is nearly unstoppable in his wolf form. Well, most of the time.

Wolf Cop TPB
Arcana Studios (Colors and Cover); Chris Barrett (Letters); Max Marks (Writer); Allan Otero (Art)
October 16, 2019
Dynamite Comics

Cover of Wolf Cop TPG C Dynamite Comics 2019

It turns out the thugs who turned him into a werewolf are part of a gang of cannibals who have been kidnapping people. Alongside his friend Willie and one of the rescued women, Lou descends upon the cannibals. This is just the start of his wolf-related adventures, as he slices and dices his way through bad guy after bad guy, from devil-worshiping sex workers living in a demonic bordello to Bible-thumping Eldritch abominations. With his friend Willie – a conspiracy lover who may be described as a handsomer Dale Gribble from King of the Hill – at his side – and his former partner, the extremely badass Tina at his back – Lou tries to fight evil. Emphasis on “tries”.

Ridiculous, bloody, violent and not even taking itself a hair seriously, WolfCop takes the time to both celebrate and point and laugh at b-movie conventions with zeal. It’s somewhat sexist (as rotting demon women trying to sacrifice our hero to Satan will be) but the tone of the book doesn’t feel malicious. It helps that the existence of Tina counterbalances any feel of misogyny in stories like their bordello adventure.


Panel Art from WolfCop C Dynamite Comics 2019

And I really loved Tina, who was self-confident and damn good with a gun; from the moment she appears on-page, she takes control of the action and the direction of the book. Sometimes all you really need is to be a fun character in a pot of mayhem like this one. Lou is your classic Asshole Hero with…well, I wouldn’t say he has a heart of gold. Maybe a heart of vodka. The writing is salty and amusing as a box of Crackerjack – the prize inside is coated with wolf slobber and aphrodisiacs.

WolfCop’s art is incredible — beautiful, gory, well-formed and eye-catching, it’s impressive. I’ve never seen Allan Otero’s artwork before, but this book turned me into a dedicated fan. The lettering wasn’t quite as sharp, but the color work was fun, exemplary and never flat. The overall package is fun.

Again, this is the kind of comic that’s not going to be for everyone. But if you want some over-the-top, ridiculous cheese, you might come to love the further adventures of WolfCop.