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Hey it’s comics! Things happened this past week!

Edmonton’s Variant Edition Comics Wins Joe Schuster Award and Richard C. Meyer Can Suck It

Edmonton’s Variant Edition Comics received the Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Comic Book Retailer in the 2019 Joe Schuster Awards. Priding itself as a welcoming place that promotes diversity and inclusion, Variant Edition made news previously after it publicly refused to stock Richard C. Meyer’s Jawbreakers, published by Antarctic Press because of its creators anti-diversity sentiments (to put it mildly). The store was broken into and had money stolen from the register shortly after their announcement and Meyer’s subsequent response videos.

Variant Edition posted about their award on their blog, thanking their customers and also acknowledging the other nominees, (which includes Comic Book Addiction, my personal fave).

Heavy is the Head That No Longer Wears the Black Crown

According to Bleeding Cool, Black Crown titles have been missing from IDW’s solicitations lately, and now Marilyn Manor has been cancelled. David M. Barnett, prominent Black Crown writer, confirms in a Twitter thread that IDW’s imprint is indeed closing.

California Comic Workers Unite

The governor of California has signed a law protecting freelance workers and contractors. The law was primarily in response to Uber and Lyft drivers’ protest against their company deliberately misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees in order to avoid providing them with minimum wage, paid sick days, or healthcare benefits. What does this have to do with comic book companies? Well, DC Comics headquarters is housed in California. Though Marvel did not move to California as was rumoured, their big boss is there…

So Long Iron Heart

Iron Heart writer Eve Ewing confirmed that the series will end with issue #12. As usual, this news doesn’t come from Marvel, and the creator went on to market and promote her own work, encouraging people to pick up the trades, because Marvel apparently doesn’t have a marketing and promotion department for anything other than the stories their EiC cares about, I guess.

J.J. Abrams and Son and the Fridging of MJ

Speaking of Marvel’s EiC and the stuff he’s interested in, the big news a few months ago was C.B. “Akira Yoshida” Cebulski’s promotion of J.J. Abrams and his son Henry writing a new Spider-Man story. That story is now out and it’s shocking twist is that it is entirely reliant on the murder of Mary Jane. Peter and their son Ben then have to blah blah blah … because we’ve never seen that story before.

In Russia, Pathetic Comics Make for Good Sales

At a recent international book fair, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky told an audience that comics are “like chewing gum, it’s not food,” intended only for children learning to read. “I think it’s pathetic for adults to read comic books,” he said, inflaming hundreds of Russian comic fans to take to Twitter to prove him wrong, and bust out their wallets to boost sales, according to one Russian comics publisher.

Quick Hits

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Vita Ayala is writing a new James Bond series for Dynamite Entertainment.

South Africa welcomes fans to its second comic book convention.

As the Vin Diesel-led Bloodshot film gets closer to release, Valiant Entertainment’s stock of superheroes is starting to get noticed.

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