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Good morning! Wrath month has begun.

Last week, Marvel announced that they’re providing one-act plays starring their characters for high school drama classes to put on. Part of that announcement includes that “licensing fees will be kept reasonable,” because apparently Marvel literally has not heard of doing a good thing for a good thing’s sake. Honestly, given the dire situation school funding is generally in–so much so that parents are providing large portions of school supplies because the schools themselves cannot afford them–who at Marvel thought, “ah yes, let’s charge these schools more money!” We’re talking three whole one-act scripts here, you couldn’t…not be this way, for once?

Gail Simone is tackling Daredevil. No, not ol’ Hornhead, the other one. He was a golden age creation who ended up in the public domain. Since, he’s shown up at both Image Comics and Dynamite, which is also where Simone’s version will be published, as The Death Defying ‘Devil. Honestly, a clever retitling, that.

BOOM! Studios and ComicHub are partnering for a new sales initiative concerning the Kieron Gillen/Dan Mora book Once And Future. The initiative is specifically aimed at driving online preorders, which is a system that is badly needed if the market wants to modernize. Hopefully BOOM! will be forthcoming about the results!

Remember the Oni/Lion Forger merger? Who could forget? A new piece up at the Daily Beast goes in depth on some of the more egregious (read: incredibly racist) things that occurred during the round of layoffs that followed.

Joe Hill, son of horror icon Stephen King, is spearheading a new line of horror comics for DC’s Black Label. Hill, who began writing by that name specifically so that his career would not be linked to his father’s, apparently saw no issue in naming the line Hill House, despite the fact that name already has some horror prominence.

Tim Hodler has stepped down as an editor of The Comics Journal.

You may remember last Previously we linked to an interview over at The Beat with Sasha Bassett about creating a comics union. Now, Sasha has spoken to All About Work, where she’s held forth on the subject in even more depth, plus dropped some commentary about her Beat interview.

Michael DeAdder has been removed from all the papers available in his hometown after a political cartoon critical of Trump ran. DeAdder still has other work, but this is yet another incident of political cartoonists being punished for targeting the current U.S. President/horrible immoral monster.

Quick Hits:

There’s a cute interview of several of Marvel’s openly queer creators up on Youtube.

Then again, Sina Grace has some things to say about his time at Marvel.

There’s been an update in the mystery of who donated original ASM #15 art to the Library of Congress.

Kelly Sue dropped some info on Instagram about her upcoming third volume of Pretty Deadly.


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  1. My first introduction to Tim Hodler’s existence was an article on Amazon’s involvement with SPX. The fact that Amazon is somehow involved with SPX was about the only information provided in the article, still in a vague and nebulous way, and my main takeaway from said article was that he really hated Hope Nicholson and her comic for Amazon/SPX. Since then, he only crosses my social media feed as screenshot quotes of a writer incapable of not being a douche-canoe when writing about female cartoonists and their work. :/
    His presence has colored my view of TCJ, so perhaps i will give it another chance now. so long, tim.

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