Previously on Comics: Who Cancelled What Again?

Hello again, and welcome to another episode of Previously on Comics! Kate here to give you the headlines you might have missed. This week, that was mainly who was cancelling what, and sometimes who was cancelling what again

The biggest story of the week was the sudden cancellation of blockbuster hit comic The Walking Dead. The news rocked the comics world, leading to some interesting speculative tweets and this gem by Jonathan Hickman:

The headline itself was also news, thanks to CNN’s headline announcing that Marvel Comics had cancelled the series only to announce a new zombie series. 

My favorite tweet to come out of the ensuing joke spree was this one by Tom Taylor, riffing off of the recent petition for Netflix to cancel Good Omens.

However, Marvel’s zombie comic was not the newly announced Marvel series that makes us excited. That honor goes to, shockingly to literally everyone, the Axe Body Spray sponsored superhero comic

Not only is this team diverse in all the right ways (shoutout to the body diversity that has a fat dude repping Axe Body Spray!), but the backstory is awesome and the team name is one that should have been in use long before now. Check out the highly entertaining animated trailer.

The Walking Dead was also not the only cancellation announcement this week. The iconic Mad Magazine announced they’re no longer going to be publishing new content and will be shutting down. As reported by Jedadiah Leland: 

I just heard from a friend of mine who is in a Facebook group with MAD writer Stan Stinberg that, after the next two issues, MAD will no longer be publishing original material.  Instead, it’ll publish reprinted material until it’s subscription responsibilities are fulfilled and then the magazine will cease publication.

The Nib is also changing, losing its funding once again. This time, Matt Bors explains how they’re going to a subscriber model, and he highlights not only some of the cool things the Nib has accomplished in the past six years, but the cool people that he worked with to make it happen. Kudos to Bors for once again finding a way to keep The Nib going, and if you want to become a member, follow the link

Oni Press is back in the news — this time for being a sponsor of the upcoming Westminster Daddy Show in Seattle. JoJo Stiletto’s burlesque events are legendary and if you haven’t seen the Emerald City Comic Con Nerdlesque shows, you are missing out. The Daddy Show sponsorship appears to be a spinoff of the much-loved and tragically short-lived Dream Daddy anthology comic (edited by Ari Yarwood, who made their departure after the merger). PR stunt or not, I approve of not only Daddy shows but comics publications sponsoring said shows. 

And some short headlines to wrap things up what was generally a slow news week:

July is International Zine Month! Look for WWAC to be bringing some quality zine coverage, including an interview with the Queer Zine Archive Project aka QZAP! 

Chicago Comics was damaged last weekend when a woman was attacked in their store after the Chicago PRIDE parade was cancelled.

And finally, happy 15th birthday to our friend The Beat! Heidi MacDonald wrote a lovely retrospective that also hints at what’s to come. 

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