Last Week’s Episode: One Universe Per Costumed Dipshit

Last Week's Episode

Marvel churns relentlessly forward, no one knows what camp is, when will The Expanse season four dates be announced, and did somebody say multi-verse?


MCU Spider-Man is a cop, but I find it hard to say no to Jake Gyllenhaal doing a Character lately.

Marvel and Netflix dropped a promo for the third and final season of Jessica Jones. [Newsarama]

Here’s a good profile of Chris Evans and some cute fanart (?) of it. [THR]

A woman (who didn’t know she had measles at the time) may have exposed a whole theatre while watching Endgame, so here’s a reminder that even if you’ve been vaccinated, you should ask your doctor about getting a booster shot! This includes me and other ~older millennials. [WUSA9]

Do you like Easter eggs? Apparently there were at least 84 (eggs and references, technically) in Endgame, so see if you espied them all. [GameSpot]


Big Hero 6 the series started this week, and you can catch some cute shorts featuring Baymax on Disney’s YouTube. (I hate typing that.) [Gizmodo]

Lucifer season four drops on Netflix May 8th. [io9]

Agents of SHIELD returns on Friday, and according to an older interview, might not even be addressing the fallout of Infinity War. [Screen Rant]

Gotta Read More Sontag

It’s Wednesday, let’s revisit some good Met Gala looks.

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I came to slay, bitch.

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Please do not make me talk about what is and isn’t camp, and you can read up outfits here! [The Cut]

And you can check out some sweet OC art in the #Metsona tag. [Twitter]

Anyway, on that note, here’s a story I missed last week: director/producer Lee Daniels (Empire, Precious) is still committed to making Superbitch, a gay superhero film starring viral star Destiny Hilton. He caught the director’s eye with a video of him wearing wearing pink thigh-high boots and doing flips. [Shadow & Act]

Is this camp?

Grab Bag

In things that are definitely not camp (oh god, or are they?), apparently Bad Sonic is going to be redesigned, according to director Jeff Fowler.

George Lucas wrote a fond remembrance of Peter Mayhew, the late actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films. [THR]

Fans are essentially color correcting scenes from Game of Thrones, because they have no idea what’s happening. [BoredPanda]

Check out Thistles & Thorns, a short celebrating Black Girl Magic in the world of fantasy. [Shadow & Act]

Here’s a nice story about The Expanse cast accosting Buzz Aldrin, but also don’t use my beautiful space children as PR, Amazon. [Newsweek]

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