Dynamite Pubwatch: May 2019

Dynamite Pubwatch: May 2019

Welcome to the Dynamite Comics Pubwatch for the month of May! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news! Vampirella Reboot Slated for July; Adds New Anniversary Statue and Trading Card Set to Kickstarter 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first issue of Vampirella, and Dynamite is going all out

Welcome to the Dynamite Comics Pubwatch for the month of May! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news!

Vampirella Reboot Slated for July; Adds New Anniversary Statue and Trading Card Set to Kickstarter

2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first issue of Vampirella, and Dynamite is going all out to mark the occasion.

Cover for Vampirella - Frank Cho, Joe Jusko, Guillem March, Alex Ross; Art: Ergun Gunduz. Writer: Christopher Priest; C Dynamite Comics July 2019 - Vampirella hangs upside-down, suspended from a guillotine

Most noteworthy is that the character is receiving a rebooted regular series, which will solicit in May with eyes on a July release. Writing duties will be covered by Christopher Priest, with art by Ergun Gunduz. Various covers will be produced by Frank Cho, Joe Jusko (see above), Guillem March, and Alex Ross. The series is set to launch with a free issue on Free Comic Book Day with Vampirella #0.

The card set will celebrate all eras of Vampirella’s history. Each pack includes two Base Cards, two Sketch Cards, one line art card, one puzzle card, and one autographed card. Artists for the sketch cards include Sanna U, Tim Shay, Axe, Ken Haeser, Mitch Ballard, Rich Molinelli, and Amy Jackson.

Other benefits include everything from digital issues of the comics to pins to hardcover volumes. At the higher end, purchasing three foil packs will result in being allowed to commission a custom Vampirella card from the buyer’s artist of choice.

Click here to check out the trading card Kickstarter.

The resin Vampi statue, meanwhile, is based on artwork by José González. It stands 12.5 inches tall, and is available in a standard edition, a black and white edition, or at a higher backer tier, rare artist proofs.

Other rewards include a bundled selection of graphic novels, art books, and enamel pins.

Click here to read more about it or support the statue campaign!

Red Sonja Sets Up Next Arc; Bob Q to Take Over as Primary Artist

Cover for Red Sonja: Lord of Fools: Mark Russell (Writing); Katie O’Meara and Bob Q (art); Mark Waid (Cover Art) C Dynamite Comics July 2019 - Red Sonja holds a sword and faces to the left of the viewer; in the foreground, two shadowy figures stand

Vampirella isn’t the only iconic Dynamite property set to move in a new direction soon. Dynamite announced recently that it will release a special issue in July: “Red Sonja: Lord of Fools,” which will prepare the series for Bob Q becoming the comic’s primary artist for the majority of its next ten issues.

The issue will feature two stories: one by Mark Russell (writing) and Bob Q (art), the second by Russell and Katie O’Meara.

You can check out some process panels by going to Dynamite’s website here.

The Boys Set to Debut on Amazon Prime July 26th; Dynamite Releases Complimentary Omnibus Volumes

It’s had a checkered history and a controversial origin in comics, but Amazon Prime viewers are slated to judge for themselves. On July 26th, the series—based on Dynamite’s long-running comic—will debut on the streaming service with a six-episode run.

In concurrence, Dynamite will offer the first of several The Boys omnibuses in TPG format starting in April. Three more volumes, to be released in May, June, and July, will continue the story.

Exclusive Vampirella Litho Available in Support of Joyce Chin GoFundMe

Vampirella Lithograph by Joyce Chin, being sold in support of her medical care by Dynamite Comics. C Dynamite Comics 2019 - Vampirella huddles under a gnarled old tree in the light of the full moon

Dynamite is proudly supporting a GoFundMe for Joyce Chin, who suffered a stroke, exacerbated by a broken ankle resultant from a fall on the way to C2E2 this past March.

Chin is on the mend but needs help with her medical bills. If you’d like to help in a way that doesn’t involve directly contributing to the GoFundMe, Dynamite is directing all funds from purchases of their Vampirella Chin Lithograph (as seen above), available in signed and unsigned editions, to her.

Funds raised in excess of Joyce’s needs will go toward the Hero Initiative.

Dynamite Announces Charlie’s Angels/The Bionic Woman Crossover for July

Cover for Charlies Angels/The Bionic Woman #1 - Cameron DeOrdio (writing), Addison Duke (colors), Soo Lee (art), Ron Lesser, Jim Mahfood and Cat Staggs. (covers). Tom Napolitano (Letters); C July 2019 Dynamite Comics - Three women in profile, with a fourth in a full-body action pose

Continuing its history of crossovers between its licensed properties, Dynamite has announced that the Angels are going to meet Jamie Sommers in July. The Angels, hired to steal a patent back for a mysterious inventor, will come in direct conflict with Jamie, who is working counterintelligence on the same case.

Charlie’s Angels/The Bionic Woman will feature writing by Cameron DeOrdio (Josie and the Pussycats) and art by Soo Lee (Fight Like a Girl). Tom Napolitano will handle the lettering and Addison Duke the colors. Among others, covers will be handled by Cat Staggs, Jim Mahfood, and Ron Lesser.

Sheena Kickstarter Adds New Stretch Goals and Rewards

Dynamite’s Sheena Kickstarter has added more stretch goals and rewards. The latest stretch goal is $25,000. New benefits include a Sheena pin based on J. Scott Campbell’s art and a special $2,000 level at which the pledger can obtain a piece of original comics cover art by Roberto Castro, two of the Sheena statues in their requested variant design, and three diamond eye variants of the company’s Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, and Vampirella statues, all done in Campbell’s style.

The Kickstarter continues to run here.

Big Blasts of the Month

Paulina Ganucheau cover for Xena #2. Writer: Vita Ayala, Covers: Paulina Ganucheau, Emanuela Lupacchino, David Mack, Art: Olympia Sweetnam C May 2019 Dynamite Comics - Two women in warrior gear oppose each other, seeming to fall into a circular white vortex

Xena: Warrior Princess #2

Vita Ayala (writer), Paulina Ganucheau, Emanuela Lupacchino, David Mack (covers), Olympia Sweetnam (art)

Dynamite’s fourth attempt at a Xena reboot series is the best of the TV show’s many tie-in comics. Written with the spunk, sweeping character drama, and butt-kicking awesomeness of the show, it’s a beautiful, refreshing piece of work that effortlessly delights.

The second issue shows us what happens when Discord takes Xena up on her offer to trade her life for the lives of the supernaturally strong children living in a village that made a bargain with the goddess years ago. What happens—and how Xena, Discord, and Gabby end up tangled up with yet another angry god looking to intervene in Xena’s destiny—must be seen to be believed!

Fay Dalton cover for Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica. Covers: Lauren Braga, Fay Dalton, Francesco Francavilla, Paulina Ganucheau, Robert Hack, Dan Parent, Cat Staggs, Writer: Amy Chu, Art: Maria Sanapo C Dynamite Comics May 2019 - Red Sonja, Vampirella, Bettie, and Veronica pose in a high school locker room, the former two wearing football outfits and the latter two in cheerleader uniforms

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #1

Lauren Braga (cover), Amy Chu (writer), Fay Dalton, Francesco Francavilla, Paulina Ganucheau, Robert Hack, Dan Parent (covers), Maria Sanapo (art), Cat Staggs (cover)

A rare double-bang means that we’ve got something amazing afoot—and any crossover that deposits an ancient goddess and an immortal vampire into the pleasant, cheerful world of Riverdale is going to be a treat.

The issue seems to be leaning strongly in the direction of Riverdale: the Series, as the foursome team up to uncover who’s killing folks in the small suburban hamlet. This sounds like it’s gonna be a delight that will outlast the novelty of its premise.

Bangs and Fizzles

Incentive Cover for Bettie Page Unbound #2 by Julius Ohta. Writer: David Avallone, Covers: Scott Chantler, Julius Ohta, John Royle, David Williams Art: Julius Ohta C May 2019 Dynamite Comics - Black-and-white illustration of Bettie page holding a stake and crucifix as a vampire leaps up behind her

Bettie Page: Unbound #2

David Avallone (writer), Scott Chantler (cover), Julius Ohta (art/cover), John Royle (cover), David Williams (cover)

It’s Bettie Page playing the part of Vampirella! I echo what I said last month with the Red Sonja quantum leap—what more can ya ask for?

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