Day: May 9, 2019

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Volume 1: A New Beginning Cover A by Rachel Stott. Written by Jody Houser, drawn by Rachel Stott. Published by Titan Comics and BBC. May 7, 2019.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor: Aliens, Time Travel, Mysteries

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Volume 1 Enrica Eren Angiolini (Colours), Valeria Favoccia (Artist), Jody Houser (Writer), Sarah Jacobs (Letters), John Roshell (Letters), Viviana Spinelli (Colours), Giorgio Sposito (Artist), Rachel Stott (Artist) Titan Comics, BBC 7 May, 2019 The Thirteenth Doctor and her companions Yaz, Ryan, and Graham are enjoying a one-of-a-kind celestial occurrence when…

Cover art for Sweeney Toddler: Leo Baxendale (art/lineart/lettering) C Treasury of British Comics/Rebellion April, 2019

Sweeney Toddler is Good, Gloopy Fun

Sweeney Toddler Leo Baxendale (art/lineart/lettering) Treasury of British Comics/Rebellion April 2019 Sweeny Toddler is a wonderfully ridiculous little comic strip. Beloved by Brits, who first saw him in the pages of Shiver ‘N’ Shake Magazine, the semi-vicious toddler and his exasperated parents eventually moved to Whoopee! Magazine, then survived mergers with Whizzer and Chips and…