The Continuing Super Adventures of Sarah Graley

Our Super Adventure Volume 1 by Sarah Graley (Oni Press, March 2019)

Sarah Graley’s life is filled with love, laughter, and kitties, and she’s been sharing the special moments and the experiences she has with her four cats and her partner, Stef Purenins, with fans for several years now. The adorable, completely relatable slices of their lives first appeared as webcomics that were later collected into their first edition, Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin thanks to a successful Kickstarter. Now, through Oni Press, the first volume is being re-released this month with a brand new cover. A second volume, Video Games and Pizza Parties, is set for a summer release, with Our Super Canadian Adventure and Our Super American Adventure to follow in November.

Our Super Adventure Volume 1 by Sarah Graley (Oni Press, March 2019)

All of this on top of her work on Pizza Witch, Kim Reaper, Rick & Morty, Invader Zim, and the upcoming Minecraft and Glitch books and convention appearances will make sure Graley’s name remains in the spotlight for a long time to come. But she was able to take some time out of her schedule to chat with WWAC about the quirky comics that are close to her heart. 

What made you decide to share your everyday life with the world through Our Super Adventure?

When me and Stef started dating, he kept doing cute things and I thought it would be fun to make little goofy comics about them!

When I first started making them, I didn’t have much of an audience online—I definitely wasn’t expecting these little goofy comics to end up being something that seems to strike a chord with so many other people, but it’s really nice that they have!

You’ve described the source material as moments that have made your heart go mushy or made you laugh so hard. What is your process when these moments occur? Do you keep notebooks and sketchbooks handy to make sure you capture these moments just right?

I should keep a notebook handy! I’ll usually note down little doodles on whatever scraps of paper that are lying about, usually a little while after the thing has happened. I have most definitely forgotten a bunch of funny moments and situations before noting them down before! That’s just the way it goes I guess!

I’m a lot more thorough when it comes to writing comics about our travels—on our trip to Canada last year I bought a little notebook with me purely to make comic notes with—it was the first time that either of us had visited Canada and I definitely wanted to document that!

How do you feel about the evolution of your artistic style since your first comic?

Pretty good, I think! Every time I work on a new project, I think I learn a few more useful things about my comic-making process. It’s always interesting to compare whatever I’m currently working on with my older comic work too—for example, the comics that are in Press Start to Begin are from between 2013 and 2015 and I think my style has changed a whole bunch since then.

It’s one of the things that I love most about comics—the constant evolution that you see over time of someone’s art style! I think we show it off in a nice way. In the back of the Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin, I redrew a bunch of the original black and white strips in colour and put them side by side. It’s fun to document how the comics began in that way.

It’s been several years since these webcomics were first compiled into a hardcover collection, and now here you are with a reprint through Oni Press, as well as a second book coming out in the summer, as well as several other books published and upcoming. How does it feel to see all of your work lining your bookshelves?

It’s really amazing! Having Oni Press give the Our Super Adventure books a wider release is really nice—it means our books can be a lot more accessible around the world! Up until now we’ve just been selling books through our online shop from the UK and international postage can be really expensive. I’m really excited for the first time we see the new editions on a shelf in a comic shop!

In general, seeing my comic work in print is always an incredible feeling—a lot of hours and hard work goes into making comics and seeing the final version in print is definitely an exciting moment. I constantly feel so lucky and grateful that I get to make comic books!

Our Super Adventure adventures continue in the winter with your American and Canadian travel logs. That’s so exciting! I can only imagine that documenting your travels has inspired an interest in travelling to other places. Where else would you love to visit in the near future and why?

We would love to go to Japan! A lot of our friends have gone over the last few years and they’ve all said wonderful things about their travels! It looks like such a vibrant, fascinating place to visit.

I think we’d love to travel to some more places in Europe as well. There are some really scenic interesting places that aren’t too far away from us in the UK, we just need to find the time to visit them!

How do your cats, Wilson, Pixel, Toby, and Pesto, feel about this book and their portrayal?

I wish I knew! It’s so cool and surreal that so many people across the world are aware of—and are even fans of—our cats! I tell Pesto sometimes that a bunch of people online think that she is indeed the besto, but she just stares back at me in her usual slightly angry-looking way and then licks my hand. Maybe that’s her way of saying “cool”.

Discover more about Graley’s work and upcoming appearances at her website,, and to pre-order your copies of the Our Superhero Adventure books. 

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