Previously on Comics: Love is Like a Hole in the Head?

Last week, readers warned of disturbing scenes of violence against Lois Lane appearing in the opening pages of #12, a book that is made available through DC’s new Wal-Mart line with the intention of welcoming new readers in a family-friendly line. Writer Tom King responded to the criticism over at Bleeding Cool, explaining that the intent of the scenes is to reveal Superman’s anxieties and love for Lois because both of them work and live in a high stress environment. When she does not immediately answer his phone call, Superman’s reaction is to imagine the love of his life brutally killed over and over again in a story entitled “The Thousand Deaths of Lois Lane.” When she finally answers, his anxieties are relieved. “To me this is a metaphor for the best parts of love,” explains King. “Love comes with stress, agony, risk, vulnerability, and we shouldn’t deny that stress, agony, risk, and vulnerability.”

Love for yourself and for your partner also means seeking professional help if your struggles with PTSD-induced anxiety are so serious that your first thoughts when your lover doesn’t pick up after a few rings is her bloody, brutal, repeated murder. But then again, therapy doesn’t seem to be going very well in the DC universe right now.

You Kids Get Off My Lawn

Bill Maher doubled down on his assertion that comic book fans need to “grow up.” This is a followup to his blog post where he took the opportunity to shit on fans lamenting the death of Stan Lee to get a few old man rant clicks. Marvel’s Joe Quesada has invited Maher to visit the publishing company and support the Hero Initiative, as well as sign his copy of Iron Man 3, in which Maher appeared as himself. Author Catherine M. Valente was less cordial with her 13-tweet response that both ripped apart Maher’s hypocrisy, and stood up for Millenials, who are a constant target for older generations like Maher’s.

Eve Ewing and Vita Ayala Excited to Be on New Series

Eve Ewing’s enthusiasm for her work on Iron Heart brings as much joy as the issues themselves. Which means things are going to get even more joyful and exciting when she takes on the Marvel team-up of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man.

Dynamite announced that they will be bringing the warrior princess back in a new Xena series. Ayala took to twitter to express how much the television series meant to them growing up, responding to fans with an entertaining series of Xena GIFs.

Vault Comics Is Working on Those Overdue Bills

There are many ups and downs when it comes to starting and running a comic publishing company. Paying your creators should not be one of them. In a statement made to Bleeding Cool, Vault Comics addressed the recent accusations about their failures and how they are working to remedy the situation:

“In our second year of publishing, Vault fell behind on creator payments. For that we are forever sorry. We learned from our mistakes. We’ve improved our payment systems and payment communications, with the goal of issuing payments in full and on time. Meanwhile, we’ve worked to rectify all outstanding billing issues. While we’ve lost the support of some, we’ve also gained even stronger support from those who stood by us as we fought our way back. Back to paying creators on time. Back to seeing our series release regularly. Back to what brought us here in the first place: To do better by everyone in the industry, from creator, to retailer, to reader.”

Festival d’Angoulême Crowns Rumiko Takahashi

Rumiko Takahashi just won the Grand Prix du Festival de la BD d’Angoulême. She is only the second woman to win the prestigious award. The prize not only gives her the recognition she deserves, but also means that she will be the president of the festival next year. Le Prince et la couturière by Jen Wang was also recognized with an award.

Quick Hits

The restructuring hammer has now hit DC, with 3 percent of the DC workforce being laid off this past week, including three of their vice-presidents.

Red Sonja, a character whose story involves overcoming sexual assault, will continue to head to the big screen in a reboot helmed by Bryan Singer, despite recent sexual assault accusations against him.

The 2019 Queer Press Grant is now open to creators making queer comics.

Indian comics are seeing an upsurge in readership with digitization allowing creators to reach a broader audience.


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