Previously On Comics: Ask Me About My Trans Exclusionary Feminist Agenda

While the majority of us are still too busy trying to recover from the holidays to get caught up in trash and nonsense, comics never truly rest and the news just keeps on coming.

We started the year with the news that the chairman of IDW has recently loaned the company $28 million to help fund production and operating costs on a number of projects including Wynonna Earp and the unsuccessful Locke & Key pilot.

Marvel announced that the McElroys, of My Brother, My Brother, and Me and The Adventure Zone fame, will be writing a 5-part War of Realms tie-in with art from André Lima Araújo

The CW has announced that it will be moving forward with its Ruby Rose led Batwoman series making this the first ever superhero series to be led by a lesbian character. If this sounds like your jam but you’re a little fuzzy on who exactly Batwoman is read our primer on her origins, history, and other general badassery here!

Chelsea Cain helped us round off the week in true comics style by showing us what her feminist agenda actually comprised of – transphobia, racism, and a desire to double down on awful when her followers politely pointed out why her previous comments were harmful.

Naturally, this is not the first time Cain’s treatment of the trans community has been called into question as her recent work Maneaters shows that more often that not Cain just straight up forgets that trans people exist at all. As of this writing, Cain has still not addressed nor apologized for her comments.

Quick Hits

Sarah Gaydos has been named Editor-in-Chief at Oni Press after a successful run as their Editorial Director of Licensed Publishing

Jordan D. White has been promoted to Senior Editor at Marvel

The nominees have been announced for the 2018 Diamond Gem Awards

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  1. Goddess damn it, Cain! …look if you don’t get what people are complaining about, taking offense at, get off of social media and TALK to some people who are better equipped to inform, i.e. actually OF those groups that claim to be affected. Otherwise…really going to lose that goodwill you built up with Mockingbird. You’re losing it now as is.

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