Filthy Figments’ SCORE! Anthology is a Fun and Sexy Romp Through Sports of Every Kind

A couple share an erotic moment in a baseball dugout

SCORE! Anthology

Featuring various creators
Filthy Figments
February 2019

You don’t have to be a sports fan of any kind to enjoy SCORE! the latest erotic anthology from Filthy Figments. You don’t have to know anything about sports at all to appreciate short stories of inspiration, romance, amusing antics, friendship, and discovery, with each one erotically charged for maximum pleasure. In our earlier interview, Filthy Figments’ Gina Biggs explained that the short story collecting is intended to be a look “at sexuality through the lens of heated rivalry and deep friendships,” and not one of its 279 pages disappoint, with pinups interspersed throughout the narratives to make this collection even more worth while.

Taking its inspiration from sports manga, SCORE! has lived up to its Kickstarter promise of strong narratives and well-developed characters. Often, the individual stories in such a large collection (there are 17 stories!) can be hit or miss for each reader, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that every story had its own unique perspective on both the sport it centred on, as well as the relationships, that I could take something positive away from each experience. Certainly, there were several that stood out for me. I particularly enjoyed the stories that turned its respective sport into a sexually charged game, extending the “rivalry” beyond the court/field/track/screen/etc. But my favourite is most definitely Jenny Breen’s “Ego and Id Play Ball,” where sex itself is the game a fun-loving couple play, and there are no rules except pleasure.

But, like I said, you don’t need to appreciate sports to appreciate this anthology. Though it covers everything from horseback riding, to beach volleyball, to esports, to gymnastics, and so much more — like seriously, so many sports! — each sport, even when presented with its more technical details, is perfectly accessible as the framing of the overall story. It’s actually quite impressive the way every story manages to maintain the focus on its respective sport, even when some of the protagonists are having trouble keeping their head in the game, for various reasons.

As is to be expected in an anthology collection, the black and white artwork is as varied as the stories themselves. From softer watercolours to bold pencils or distinctive shading, each artists’ work perfectly complements the story offered. There were a few moments where I wished greater care had been taken with lettering and word balloon placement, as this tended to break the flow of some of the stories.

SCORE! is, as with Filthy Figments’ other offerings, an adults-only collection of stories, but while the imagery and language is indeed explicit, this is the kind of erotica I would want my daughters to read when they’re a little bit older. The anthology explores sexuality, gender, queerness, and body image in beautiful ways, and with the all important reminder that consent is very sexy. The diversity threaded through each page makes this an even more welcoming read.

Having successfully completed its Kickstarter in the summer of last year, SCORE! is getting ready to deliver. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order the anthology now.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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