Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Reader

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Reader
Looking for the perfect gift for that special reader in your life? Bookmarked has some unique gift ideas that are sure to delight them this holiday season!

Happy Holidays lovely readers! Tis the season of merriment and joy, which for many means basking in the love and comfort of good company and good food. It also means that this is a time of some serious shopping splurges to find the perfect gift. Personally, one of the hardest people to shop for during this gift-giving

Happy Holidays lovely readers! Tis the season of merriment and joy, which for many means basking in the love and comfort of good company and good food. It also means that this is a time of some serious shopping splurges to find the perfect gift.

Personally, one of the hardest people to shop for during this gift-giving season is readers. What do you even buy them? A book? How do you know what they want to read and if they haven’t read it already? Sure, they like Author X, but will they like the slightly similar work of Author B? They’ve read a lot of Author J lately, but will they like the author’s new work? Are they still even into this specific genre anymore?

So, to prevent a panicked afternoon spent in your neighborhood bookstore, I would like to humbly offer some new gift ideas for that special reader in your life. Whether they’re amateur history buffs or indie cookbook aficionados, they’re sure to love any of the following creative ideas.

Spruce Up Their Wardrobe with Literary Accessories

These days, there is a number of ways to proudly display your love of books. If your favorite reader is interested in wearing their love on their sleeve, one of these gifts might just do the trick.

Jane Eyre Enamel Pin by Literary Emporium on Etsy

Jane Eyre Enamel Pin by Literary Emporium on Etsy

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins have made a huge comeback in the last few years, and for that, I am forever grateful. These small, stylish trinkets are perfect stocking stuffers, help support local businesses, and are reasonably priced enough to justify buying dozens at a time. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to find. One quick Etsy search features pages of beautifully crafted options. This gift is especially exciting for classic and horror book fans, as these works are arguably the most pinned.


We’re experiencing the chilliest months of the year right now, so bundling up is key. You can help your favorite reader in this important endeavor by buying them a comfy literary scarf. These items are usually infinity-styled cloth that features either well-known quotes or covers of famous books. Litographs and Uncommon Grounds offer premade and customizable choices for your consideration, but Etsy also offers some nice options for you to look through.

The Little Prince tote bag

The Little Prince tote bag by Out of Print

Tote Bags

Tote bags are all the rage these days, and like enamel pins, your options are pretty much endless. Out of Print and Redbubble are titans in this niche industry, and their colorful totes boast images of everything from funny book memes to actual book quotes and covers. You can even buy your favorite reader a themed tote from their favorite publisher or bookstore. Several have noticed the tote bag trend and are now all about that branding, to everyone’s mutual benefit.


Of course, you can always help your favorite reader go full cosplay. There’s A Darker Shade of Clothing Jordandene collection that celebrates A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, for example. Out of Print, Etsy, Redbubble, and even Modcloth and Hot Topic have some nice literary clothing options as well for as many novels and fandoms as you could possibly imagine. All you really need to do is search online for themed clothing based on their favorite book, and the world is thine oyster.

Donate to Their Literary Non-Profit of Choice

Looking for a gift that has a wider social impact? Consider donating to a fantastic literary non-profit in honor of your favorite reader. The ones that have caught my eye lately include the following.

Books Through Bars logo

Books Through Bars

Books Through Bars provides free books and educational material to inmates across the mid-Atlantic United States. With several states trying to ban inmate access to books this year alone, this organization remains an important resource for inmates’ right to read. You can donate money or actual books as a gift on your reader’s behalf. And, if you want to treat yourself, you can even donate your time to the organization as well.

Lambda Literary

The Lambda Literary Foundation is the leading national champion of the works, lives, and legacies of the queer literary community. This organization achieves its mission through a variety of communal experiences, scholarships, and awards. Of course, donations are essential to fund all these exciting opportunities. You can give a donation to, or a fun membership with, Lambda Literary as a gift to your reader.

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

As an intersectional feminist nonprofit, VIDA is committed to amplifying various marginalized identities across the publishing industry. They’re best-known for the VIDA Count, which highlights the industry’s gender disparity through tallying book-related bylines. A donation or day spent volunteering with VIDA would be a lovely gift in your reader’s name.

We Need Diverse Books logo

We Need Diverse Books

Another organization that tackles the publishing industry’s lack of representation is We Need Diverse Books. This organization focuses its robust on-the-ground advocacy on children’s literature, with the hope that all young people will see themselves honored in the books they love. Out of all the organizations that share this similar vision, We Need Diverse Books remains the most prominent, effective, and structurally diverse in its own right. If your reader is also passionate about diversity in kid lit, there are a variety of ways you can donate on their behalf.

Buy Them A Book Box Subscription

Why not let someone else curate your favorite reader’s TBR list? A book box subscription is a perfect solution. They are typically divided by either a particular genre (like YA) or theme (sexy assassins in space, for example) and allow for a highly unique and diverse reading experience. Plus, the monthly price range for subscriptions allows you to be as frugal or generous as you can afford, while still providing a very thoughtful gift. Why not give one of these popular book boxes a try?

Promo image for my first reading club

Spark a child’s lifetime reading journey with My First Reading Club! This subscription offers three books a month for children as young as newborns to as old as age 12. There’s a surprise for their parents in each box as well, so the whole family can get involved in building your special reader’s first book collection.


OwlCrate offers either a new middle grade or young adult book every month, with an assortment of goodies directly from the publisher. It’s a great option for your young—or young at heart—reader.

Bubbles and Books

Romance readers will absolutely fall in love with the selection provided by Bubbles and Books. This monthly subscription box provides a wide variety of subgenres for readers to indulge in, from historical romances to bad-boy paranormal thrillers. Readers also get relaxing accessories to pair with their new reads like soap and bath salts.

My Thrill Club

Is your favorite reader more partial to all the things that go bump in the cold, dark nights? Well, My Thrill Club just might quench their reading preferences. This subscription is divided into either thriller, mystery, or horror boxes, and you can choose to swap out one or two of the three monthly books with a scary genre movie!

Book of the Month box subscription

Book of the Month

The bonafide heavy hitter in the book box community, and a good choice for an indecisive yet picky reader, Book of the Month allows you to preview each month’s selection of new releases and choose the one you want to read. And just in case one is not enough, more books can be added to their box for $10 each.

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