Get Creative With Archie’s Holiday Coloring Book

Archie Holiday Coloring Book (Archie Comics, November 2018)

Archie’s Holiday Coloring Book

Archie Comics
November 6, 2018

Riverdale might be dominating the screen, but if you’re partial to that classic Archie vibe, then you need to add Archie’s Holiday Coloring Book to your holiday wish list. Featuring numerous pages of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, and more enjoying the holidays, this is both an excellent gift for an Archie fan and a colouring book fan.

Archie Holiday Coloring Book (Archie Comics, November 2018)

There are decades of holiday specials to choose from, which means this colouring book is filled with loads of pages you may or may not have seen before from the original Archie comics. Some pages also include the word bubbles and punchy jokes that made Archie Comics such a beloved staple.

The paper is a bright, high-quality stock, which means that it can handle just about any colouring item you want to throw at it. Each page is also perforated so that you can carefully remove your masterpiece and hang it up in a place of honour.

Complementing each page is a series of repetitive holiday patterns. These might seem like a waste of space, intended only to fill up the page, which, generally speaking is probably true. The comic pages are roughly the same size as their original format, which means they aren’t big enough to fill the 27.4 cm x 18.3 cm x 1.2 cm dimensions of the colouring book. The patterns serve as a reasonable solution to the problem. Besides, the bows and presents and holly and ornaments are a nice way to break up your colouring process and add something new to the classic images. Better yet, fold along the centre line, and you’ve got yourself a pretty snazzy and unique Christmas card.

Betty steals a kiss from Archie across an escalator as Veronica looks on in the Archie Holiday Coloring Book (Archie Comics, November 2018)
Betty steals a kiss. Medium: gel pens.

As you can see by my personal colouring style, I like to play around with colours within the smaller details, but have little patience for mundane things like escalators. Fortunately, I could find satisfaction with the dispersion of the details, without feeling guilty about the artistic scribbles.

Whether you’re a fan of Archie Comics or of colouring in general, this is a great colouring book to help you get through the bustle of the holidays. Find a quiet corner, a couple of markers or crayons, and get to work.

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