An Adventure Time Fan’s First Look At “Marcy & Simon”

Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon

Boom! Studios
Slimm Fabert (artist), Olivia Olson (writer)
January 2019

This review contains spoilers for the Adventure Time finale.

Good news for fans of Adventure Time! Since the series ended in September, Boom! Studios just keeps announcing more Adventure Time comics, so we can continue getting our fix of what’s going on in Ooo. Even better news: the latest comic announcement is particular exciting for many of us. Marcy & Simon stars the fan favorite vampire queen and her oldest friend, who recently recovered from a rough 1,000 years of being the brain-scrambled Ice King.

Full disclosure: nobody is more excited about this announcement than me. I have an extremely soft spot in my heart for Simon Petrikov, over whom I have been crying since he was first introduced in the 2011 holiday episode. (By the way, who promises a wholesome holiday special featuring our favorite characters wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and then uses it to introduce that kind of tragedy? Why do you want to hurt me in this way, Adventure Time writers?)

And they continue to want to hurt me, because here’s the plot of the new comic. Now that Simon is finally back for good, he wants to make amends to all the people he hurt during his long foray as the Ice King. PLEASE STOP THIS ASSAULT ON MY HEART, ADVENTURE TIME WRITERS! (Author’s note: Please don’t, actually, I’m very excited about this comic.)

So, I have a couple thoughts about this. First of all, while it’s very heartwarming that Simon is back, he’s gone through some pretty serious trauma. Not only has he essentially lost a thousand years of time (and his fiance, Betty, again), but he’s described being the Ice King as “living with eternal diaper butt.” That’s enough to make anyone go mad for real. From what we’ve seen of him so far, in the cartoon finale and the beginning of the Season 11 comic arc, he’s been coping with that surprisingly well. Even in this brief synopsis, we see selflessness from him; he’s more worried about how his madness affected other people than how it affected himself. (Please let me weep, I love Simon so much.) But I’m hoping that this new series will be able to make room to explore some of his trauma and how he’s dealing with that internally.

My next thought is that it’s time for some wild speculation. Ice King really was a huge wad to a LOT of people, so he has a lot of amends to make. What other characters will be featured in this arc? I think it’s pretty certain that they’ll go into the many, many princesses he kidnapped. I’m hoping they’ll look at his relationships with his wizard-y friends, like Abracadaniel and Life Giving Magus, who he also pretty regularly mistreated. (I’m particularly interested in how his wizard friends will react to him not being a wizard anymore himself!)

But my single greatest wish? Give me an entire issue about Simon and Neptr. Ice King was one of Neptr’s two dads, but he never gave the little pie-throwing robot the father/son time he deserved. LET SIMON BE A GOOD DAD TO NEPTR. THEY BOTH DESERVE IT. LET US ALL HAVE THIS.

This series is Olivia Olson’s first foray into comics writing, but if you’re wondering why the name seems familiar, it’s because Olson was also Marceline’s voice actor in the cartoon, which is a really fun connection. I’m really excited to see her as the writer here, actually. Having lived with Marceline as a major part of her life for the past ten years, I trust her pretty implicitly to have a really nuanced understanding of the character and her voice. She has done some writing for Adventure Time before, the most noteworthy of which was “Marcy’s Secret Scrapbook,” a very cute and good immersive diary of Simon and Marcy’s time surviving together after the Mushroom War. So while it remains to be seen how her writing style will convert to comics, I have high hopes.

The artist, Slimm Fabert, is fairly green to the franchise, but he has done a couple Adventure Time covers and shorts in the past, including a very cute comic about Peppermint Butler called “War of the Magicians” that appeared in the 2017 Halloween spooktacular issue.

The Marcy & Simon miniseries will be six issues long and is slated to start in January 2019. I can barely wait to see if any of my wild speculations come to pass! Are you as excited as me about this series? Who are you hoping to see in it? Tell us in the comments!

Jameson Hampton

Jameson Hampton

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