Colour Tank Girl However the Hell You Want

The Tank Girl Coloring Book (Titan Comics, October 2018)

Tank Girl Coloring Book

Various Artists
Titan Comics
October 10, 2018

A copy of this book was provided to WWAC in exchange for an honest review.

Titan Comics held the most raucous birthday celebration ever, honouring their potty-mouthed, chain-smoking, anarchic antihero, Tank Girl. Joined by Sub Girl, Jet Girl, Booga, and more, Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl is living it up at 30 years strong since her 1988 black and white strip debut in British indie comics magazine, Deadline. With Tank Girl All Stars #4 hitting comic stores at the beginning of October, and a fully-loaded Humble Bundle in support of The Hero Initiative, Tank Girl fans and newcomers have a lot of sweet reads available to them.

But if you want your Tank Girl fix another way, check out the Tank Girl Coloring Book. Pieced together by Martin himself, the colouring book is a collection of black and white artwork from 30 years of Tank Girl goodness. It includes iconic splash pages from both classic and current titles, like Two Girls One Tank and Tank Girl: The Odyssey, as well as a few adult colouring book casual mandalas.

Typically, colouring is a mindful moment for me, but that seems pretty wrong when it comes to Tank Girl. In fact, I feel like I’ve done the punky protagonist a disservice by staying in the lines. In retrospect, I also should have had the Tank Girl movie soundtrack blasting in the background like I did repeatedly back in the day when my friends and I got all dolled up and invaded the movie theatre multiple times to watch Lori Petty take on the world. But I’m much more mature now, and my kids screaming bloody murder at the PS4 and my cat flinging my pencil crayons all over the room was good enough for me.

A cat overlooks a Tank Girl Coloring Book page

You, dear reader, can colour Tank Girl and her friends however the hell you want. I’ve got a few coloring books on my shelves, and have developed discerning tastes when it comes to the ones based on comic books and video games. For one thing, a colouring book has to give me room to colour! I need to express myself with pencils, sparkly gel pens, twistable crayons, watercolour paints, or markers, but when pages include too much shading, what am I even here for?

The Tank Girl Coloring Book does have a few pages that fall into this annoying category, but thankfully, not so many that it ruins my overall appreciation for the book as a whole. There are ample pages with fun and outrageous images for me to deface appropriately. The majority of the images selected by Martin are hang-on-the wall poster-worthy, with lots of opportunity for colourers to add as much or as little detail as they’d like.

The do-it-yourself walk down Tank Girl’s 30-year memory lane is a must have for Tank Girl fans, and for colouring book connoisseurs.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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