The Silver Sprocket Take Over Continues

Silver Sprocket have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the often homogeneous world of comics. So we were super stoked when we heard that they would be working to smash the system from the inside by putting their books in comics notorious direct market monopoly Diamond.

We covered their first solicits earlier this year, and have covered a bunch of the books that the company have released since, and with their summer/fall announcements things just keep getting better and better. Once again, I’ve picked a few comics that I’m especially excited to get my hands on this time around!

Disclaimer: I wrote a backup for F*ck Off Squad before it was picked up by Silver Sprocket, but even without that connection it is objectively fantastic, and you should buy it!

Daygloayhole Quarterly Two – Ben Passmore
Daygloayhole #2 by Ben Passmore

Daygloayhole #1 was a wild ride through a post apocalyptic landscape like no other, led by our protagonist Ben who is just trying to work out what he wants and how to be happy in a world full of mutant cops, giant dogs, and ghostly reminders of our past and more weird shit. It was a great issue, and I’m super stoked to get a glimpse at the second one which is coming out on Sprocket’s summer/fall slate. Ben Passmore is one of the best cartoonists out there, and Daygloayhole is the perfect book for anyone who like me is hitting 30 and wondering what the fuck adulthood and life actually is. Also, it’s very pretty.

Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince

Liz Prince Be Your Own Backing Band

Liz Prince is a stone cold comics superstar, and her newest collection Be Your Own Backing Band will be coming out from Silver Sprocket. And we can’t fucking wait! Prince established herself with incredible comics like Tomboy and Alone Forever. Be Your Own Backing Band is a full colour edition of her old strips that went by the same name, as well as expanded new content and a lovely new cover. Basically this is a must have if you love Liz Prince and/or very good comix!

F*ck Off Squad by Nicole Goux and Dave Baker

Fuck Off Squad by Dave Baker and Nicole Goux

If you’ve been to a convention in Northern America you’ve probably seen Dave Baker and Nicole Goux, two of the hardest working people making comics today. Their rad self published catalogue spans horror, romance, sci-fi, criticism—shout out to “Shitty Watchmen”—and Silver Sprocket is bringing their gorgeous queer skater punk comic F*ck Off Squad to the direct market for the first time in a collected edition. Compiling all three self published F*ck Off Squad stories, this lovely comic is relatable, sad, and beautiful to anyone who had to grow up. Especially if you spent any of that time wiping out on decks, playing in bands or trying to find love on the internet.

Snowbird by Erin K. Wilson

Snowbird by Erin K. Wilson

Erin K. Wilson is a stunning illustrator, brilliant activist, and radical cartoonist. You might have seen her incredible comic about the abuse and incarceration of Marissa Alexander, a woman who shot a warning shot in an attempt to protect herself from an abusive husband. Maybe you’ve seen it grace the posters of one of your faves like Cakes Da Killa? Or maybe you’ll discover it late this year when Silver Sprocket releases a second printing of Wilson’s beautiful looking Snowbird. Originally self published in 2012 and out of print ever since, this edition will see the full completed story together for the first time, and looks at Erin trying to make sense of a hopeless world whilst unraveling herself. Erin is an utter joy, and we are super stoked to get our hands on Snowbird.

Rosie Knight

Rosie Knight

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