Previously, On Comics: Spotlight on Women of Color

Hello all and welcome back to Previously, On Comics. We missed you while our website was down last time, but we’re here again to deliver you a roundup of comics news. Let’s get caught up together!

A new series from Nnedi Okorafor

Black Panther fans will be more than happy to hear that the Dora Milaje are getting their own three-issue comic book series that will arrive at your local comic book shop on June 27th. Veteran afro-futuristic science fiction writer Nnedi Okorafor employs will bring three of the Dora Milaje women to life for comic book readers everywhere.

Film director Ava DuVernay has been announced as DC’s director for New Gods, a cinematic adaptation of the three-book comic series. After her Oscar-nominated work with Selma and her magic with A Wrinkle in Time, DuVernay is sure to please audiences with her take on a mythical storyline.

In a 20-minute interview with SYFY, Roxane Gay covers the differences between writing comic books versus novels, her favorite thirst traps in Black Panther, and of course her own World of Wakanda spinoff she will be working on for Marvel.

Puerto Rico Strong, a fantasy and history anthology

Lion Forge has released a new history and fantasy comics anthology called Puerto Rico Strong, written and illustrated by various Puerto Rican and Latinx creators. The funds from every purchase of this anthology will be dedicated to the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Lion Forge is working with United Way to match the first $25,000 made. Read about how the money will be distributed and how you can get involved.

Comics industry fans will be skeptical of Marvel’s choice to sign Chip Zdarsky to do “whatever he wants”, according to a recent press release. The author of Sex Criminals will be working on Marvel’s Annuals series, though who knows how marvelous that may actually be.

Hawkman’s current Dark Knights run for DC has sparked some inspiration, and so Katar Hol will be getting his own series. Hawkman’s new series will be drawn by Bryan Hitch, who has worked on Justice League and dozens of other DC titles. The story is written by Rob Venditti of The Surrogates.

As teenagers reached out to adults in America this week to discuss gun violence and school safety, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund worked with writer and illustrator Kai Texel on a webcomic called Be Heard! that tells young people their voices matter, too. Texel spoke with the Washington Post about the work with CBLDF and amplifying the voices of our youth in 2018.

Speaking of amplifying voices, please donate to or share the GoFundMe page for Marvel illustrator Nik Virella’s medical needs. She is in need of another $30,000 to help fund the excision surgery. You can read more about it here.

And to top off your news, don’t forget these fun comics tidbits:

Detective Comics #27, the comic book with Batman’s first appearance in it sold for half a million dollars this last week, though according to the news coverage it would have been worth $1 million.

Why are comics so hard to adapt to the screen? Writer Sierra Fleenor explores the idea along with the identity of Deadpool.

There’s a new Garth Ennis and Cowboy Bebop inspired comic series coming out about being a weatherman on Mars.

Back this killer webcomic turned print graphic novel written and illustrated by Der-shing Helmer, author of The Meek.

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