Comic Book Name Game: Week Six

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It’s the Year of the Knockoff here at WWAC, and to illustrate just how samey comic book characters have been, I’m going to chain together all of their names, using an element of the last one to pick the next one. I’ll also mention their other name(s) and where they’re “from.” For the sake of brevity, these will be either the title they first appeared in or the title they’re most connected to, which is super subjective, so don’t @ me.

Last week’s list ended with Lady Mastermind, one Reagan Wyngarde, a legacy foe of the X-Men. Who could follow a Lady but a Lady?

  • Lady Vic (Elaine Marsh-Morton), Nightwing, DC
  • Lady Death, Lady Death, Chaos Comics
  • Lady Deadpool (Wanda Wilson), Deadpool, Marvel
  • Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Deadpool, Marvel
  • Headpool, Deadpool, Marvel
  • Gwen-pool (Gwen Stacy), Deadpool, Marvel
  • Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy), Spider-Gwen, Marvel
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew et al), The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel
  • Owlwoman (Wenonah Littlebird), Super Friends, DC
  • Owlman (Thomas Wayne II et al), JLA, DC

And who’s next? Here’s a clue: Our next chunk of name-game ends with Sinestro. How might we get from here to there in ten? Can you do it? Come back next week to compare scores, handle hawkers!

Annie Blitzen

Annie Blitzen

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