Game Enjambment: [i’ve been thinking about DETERMINATION] (Undertale)

Flowey Inspects Your Soul

Game Enjambment is a reoccurring poetry series on games and gaming.

This poem is an exploration into the themes of Undertale. What makes us human? What does it mean to be a “human?” Am I human? Are you?

Undertale, Toby Fox, 2015

[i’ve been thinking about DETERMINATION]

i’ve been thinking about DETERMINATION. i’ve been thinking about MERCY. i’ve been thinking about HUMAN. i’ve been thinking about MONSTER. i’ve been thinking about SOUL. i’ve been thinking about EXECUTION. i’ve been thinking about VIOLENCE.

only one word has been mentioned.

if you buy a spider pastry, a spider girl thinks you’re worthy.

inside your heart is a crawling itch. the itch hovers and you want to hurt. the itch hovers and you want to protect.

if you are kind in tongue but sharpen your sight, what are you? if you knock down blue, can you sprint from your karmic wind? i’ve been thinking how unfair a flower was to me once. flowers are human. i’m a flower. so are you.

if you are a violent eye, if you are a soft word, if you are a misplaced beat, if you are a thoughtful pastry


you’re a soul.

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Ashley Miranda

Ashley Miranda

Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet from Chicago. Her work has been previously featured by the Denver Quarterly, Yes, Poetry, Ghost City Review, Lockjaw Magazine, Glass Poetry Press and other publications. Follow her on twitter!