Previously On Comics: Whedon, Boy Bye

Kitty Pryde, Claremont/Romita Jr, Uncanny X-Men #183

In with a bang: Joss Whedon, whose widely read Astonishing X-Men run featured the small, supernaturally lethal Kitty Pryde inexplicably reuniting with the giant, super-strong ex who broke her heart twice–first by infidelity and then by entitled violence against her new lover–turns out to be a gaslighting cheater who engaged in inappropriate relationships with “needy” women he was directing, fans, and more. Woo, go feminism!

My Favourite Thing is Monsters, Emil Ferris, Fantagraphics, 2017

Better: Ignatz nominations rolled in for both Keren Katz and first-time graphic novel cartoonist Emil Ferris–as well as a double nomination for Jon Lewis, Nate Powell and Andrew Aydin’s third March book. Ferris’ My Favourite Thing is Monsters is executed entirely in ballpoint pen and began in time gouged out from sick-bed single motherhood. That’s a powerful artist and determined individual, right there. Our own Kayleigh Hearn is bringing you a WWAC perspective on the book sometime soon.

Mach Cadet Yu, Pak & Miyazawa, BOOM! Studios, 2017

Mech Cadet Yu had an outstanding debut; immediately a sell-out comic with issue one, and subsequently upgraded to an ongoing monthly comic for BOOM!. Big props to Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa. You can guess the premise from the title; get one for your kid, and a spare for their bestie.

“…The story of Stanford Yu, a young janitor who is unexpectedly chosen to join the sacred ranks of the mech cadets at Sky Corps Academy. Once a year, giant robots from outer space come to Earth to bond with the cadets to defend the world from terrifying aliens known as the Sharg. After he unintentionally bonds with his robot, Yu is thrown into training, hoping to prove he is worthy of being there at all.”

The BOY/BYE Kickstarter continues! The cutest pins you EVER saw, and a solidly worthy conceptual motivation. Look at these adorable designs. Get yours here. Boy bye!

Sara Alfageeh BOY BYE pins, 2017

Ever wanted to hear Warren Ellis speak? Well, in October you can. If you can make it to Utrecht. That’s in the Netherlands. Okay, have fun! Peace out.

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  1. Kitty is in love with him. She was with bobby too but dumped him because she wanted someone better then him, someone named Piotr . Are u seriously telling me women can’t be in love? Their romance is the definition of star crossed lovers. It’s not anti feminism, it’s true love.

  2. Congratulations, Joss Whedon! From the comics world, you’re the new Brian Wood! Good job at being a douche that can’t practice what he preaches!

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