Kickstarting the End of Summer

Architecture of an Atom, Juliacks, 2dcloud, 2017

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s a perfect time to take a look at some assorted comics crowdfunding campaigns!

Kindling, Xia Gordon, 2dcloud, 2017Summer 2017 – 2dcloud
Juliacks, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Leif Goldberg, Xia Gordon (contributors)

2dcloud continues their run of Kickstarters to fund another season of really interesting projects — 3 books and two zines. Perfect for the lover of so-called “art comics,” this package offers either physical or digital copies of varied comics, including issue 6 of Altcomics Magazine. Architecture of an Atom by Juliacks is a beautiful hardcover, the print segment of a larger trans-media project. Retreat by Jaakko Pallasvuo is a “postmodern” gay dystopia story, while Leif Goldberg’s Lost in the Fun Zone runs in the tradition of “underground art comics.” Completing the package is Xia Gordon’s Kindling zine, described as “A letter to the universe and to oneself: LOVE!”


Critical Chips, Zainab Akhtar, 2017Critical Chips 2
Zainab Akhtar (editor & contributor), JA Micheline, Evan Narcisse, Emma Houxbois, Joe McCulloch, Juliet Kahn, Kelly Kanayama, Douglas Wolk, Jamila Rowser, Annie Mok, Sruti Islam, Hannah K Chapman, Brandon Graham (critical contributors), Richie Pope, Molly Mendoza, Carta Monir, Carolyn Nowak, and Wren McDonald (comic contributors)

Zainab Akhtar, powerhouse behind Comics & Cola and ShortBox, brings us a second issue of her Eisner-nominated book of comics criticism and indie comics. The 130+ pages include 56 pages of non-critical comics, and the rest is a mix of essays and comics commenting on comics as a medium, industry, and culture. Featuring several WWAC contributors, subjects covered range from a Milestone retrospective to a piece “examining the parallels between magical girls and Black girl magic.”

1989nk, Kale Jeffrey, 2017Sweethearts of 1989: a LGBT / Trans Positive Romance Series!
Kale Jeffrey (kalematsuba)

This Kickstarter is for the first chapter of a planned on-going series following lead character Hiroki, a young and spunky trans man who stumbles into a relationship with a “hapless” salaryman. While the diverse love story is certainly a draw, what really stands out about this project is the adorable 1980s manga-style artwork.

Teacher’s Pet
Jason Li

Jason Li’s Teacher’s Pet is the first chapter of a longer graphic novel chronicling his mother’s childhood in 1960s Hong Kong. The art style is sweet and simple, and Li seems most interested in chronicling the Hong Kong of his mother’s youth while reconnecting with his heritage — she told him these stories, “Because I was afraid you’d forget about [your native home of] Hong Kong.”


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