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It’s nearly the end of July, dear readers, and that means San Diego Comic Con just ended. With a bucketload of trailers and some announcements from Comic Con, the windfall of comic news hit the world like She-Hulk slamming Titania with the green fist of grace. So let’s dive right in, as so many heroes dive right out — plenty of page-to-screen news this time round!

Let’s start with the Wonder Woman 2 announcement, which happened at SDCC. The incomparable Gal Gadot sat on the Justice League panel this weekend to promote the upcoming film. Patty Jenkins will likely help to create and direct the second Wonder Woman film, says EW after an interview. Surely they’ll make it soon, they can probably use some of the $767 million the first Wonder Woman made. Maybe they’ll even pay Gal Gadot as much as they pay Henry Cavill.

Black Panther release posterThe crowd was so excited to see some exclusive Black Panther footage at SDCC this weekend that they gave a standing ovation at the end. Director Ryan Coogler and his cast were at the panel afterward, to discuss the story and Wakanda, the Afro-futuristic world that the film is set in. For those who haven’t seen T’Challa’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War, you should know that the Black Panther movie takes place afterward, when T’Challa returns to his home in Wakanda. Read the details of the footage here.

Everyone’s talking about Justice League, coming up faster than Thanksgiving, on November 17. For those who don’t know, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and most likely Superman will all be part of the ensemble. Though Superman supposedly died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there does seem to be trailer evidence that he’ll come back. But then, doesn’t he always? You can’t get rid of the guy, really. I’m more interested in Wonder Woman’s role, personally. Check out the trailer here.

It’s hard not to think of Jason Momoa as good ol’ Khal Drogo, but maybe he’ll be a convincing Aquaman. The actor was excited to be at SDCC and even showed up at the first film teaser to discuss it with fans. We know Aquaman will have a part in the Justice League, but we won’t see him in his self-titled film until December of 2018. We’ll also get to see folks like Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe as supporting cast.

On October 2 of this year, we all receive The Gifted, a television series that will air on Fox. Bryan Singer, with five X-Men movies under his belt and a sixth in production, can’t stop won’t stop making X-Men stories. It looks like there will be new storylines and old characters like Polaris, who is (sometimes) Magneto’s daughter in the comics.

The first Ant-Man was thoughtful, detailed, and fun. We all know Evangeline Lilly was adorable, even if her haircut wasn’t. It’ll be fun to watch her play daughter to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Will this be Ant-Man centric, or Wasp-centric? It would be interesting to see Lilly’s Jane at the center of the story. Laurence Fishburne and Hannah John-Kamen will also join the crew for this second Ant-Man movie. It should arrive in theaters on July 8, 2018.

In other comic news unrelated to SDCC, Netflix announced its partnership with Gerard Way to bring his comic series Umbrella Academy to the world’s screens. The story follows a dysfunctional family that happens to be full of superheroes who have a hard time getting along. We’ve all been waiting for the third and fourth volumes of the series to get here since 2009 a la George RR Martin. Maybe we’ll find out what’s happening with some of the cutest angsty family heroes there are, when Netflix puts together the 10-episode series. It should arrive in 2018.

The magical genius Grace Ellis has decided to give us all a new comic called Moonstruck, from Image Comics. Ellis wrote Lumberjanes, and illustrator Shae Beagle is just getting started. Beagle is a newcomer to the industry scene from the Columbus College of Art and Design. As a child, they found original comics inspiration from classics like Peanuts. Moonstruck details the story of a werewolf and her best friend, a centaur. The two friends work at a coffee shop where mythical and magical elements mix with gay romance. Issue #1 was out last week, and you can read an interview with Ellis, Beagle, and their editor Laurenn McCubbin on EW.

That’s all the detailed stuff for now, folks. Come back soon for more comic-related news!

Here are a few more fun comic announcements from this last week:

  • Actor Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel in a film that takes place in the 1990s. Captain Marvel’s debut is set for March 2019.
  • IDW announced a new Ghostbusters comic series last week, titled Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. It’s the first series dedicated to our favorite new ghostbusting gals. I for one definitely need aGhostbusters #1 little more Holtzmann in my life. October can’t come fast enough — look out for more coverage of this title here on WWAC soon!
  • PAWmicon happened at the same time as SDCC, encouraging attendees to be superheroes… to a new pet.
  • Archie Comics and SEGA have parted ways on Sonic the Hedgehog comics, though SEGA announced they will not be done creating Sonic comics. They’re just heading in a different direction, maybe one that could appeal to a wider audience. As with Ghostbusters news– watch this space!
  • The very first Texas Latino Comic Con, which will feature Latin creators and focus on Latin heroes, happens this weekend in Dallas, TX, starting July 29th. Founder Eliamaria Crawford hopes to inspire many generations of Latinos to create and appreciate comics more. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and you can read more about Crawford’s goals for the Latino comics community here.
  • The Supergirl television series added some new actors for Season 3, and (spoilers!) hinted at how being Supergirl will take up more of Kara’s life, and her identity.
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