Previously on Comics: PRIDE and Transphobia

Hello again!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful PRIDE month. If, like me, you’re without a local PRIDE event, I hope you’ll celebrate virtually in a way that makes you happy.

Maybe you want to support queer creators? Check out this Twitter thread by Noelle Stevenson for inspiration.

Or maybe just celebrating queer comics and queer comics creators? Iceman #1 is now out, which in addition to being Bobby’s first solo series ever, and brings the total of canonically out LGBTQ solo series for Marvel up to two, with America being the other title. But for all that Iceman #1 has a PRIDE month debut, I strangely haven’t been able to find much press about it. It’s almost as if Marvel doesn’t actually care about its queer characters? Oh well. I plan on enjoying those Kevin Wada covers, anyway.

Look at this cutie in his romper.

And now from PRIDE to the prejudice! In less fun news, there was some serious gross transphobia/transmisogyny in a new Howard Chaykin comic released by Image. Mags Visaggio’s twitter thread breaks down the problems and solutions, so I’m going to defer to her:

Read the whole thread here

Moving on.

The first teaser trailer for Black Panther just dropped, and it’s amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, run, don’t walk.

Speaking of trailers, you may have seen this one for the movie Atomic Blonde if you went to see Wonder Woman. Check out the unedited trailer below to see what they cut.

I know that this movie is based off of a graphic novel by Antony Johnston & illustrator Sam Hart published by Oni Press called The Coldest City, but does it strike anyone else as a “How Clint and Natasha met” story? No? Just me? Okay. (Also that scene between Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella, um, wow??)

Speaking of Wonder Woman, there’s been a ton of articles since its debut, (some of which we covered in the most recent WWAC newsletter!), but here are some of my faves that weren’t mentioned: 

Behind the Scenes Stories



Just a couple more short things to share!

  • Check out this story about a new comic book store in Albuquerque. Red Planet Books & Comics is the first indigenous comic book store.
  • There’s a gorgeous new mural of La Borinqueña in The Bronx.
  • If you ever wanted gorgeous con-quality prints from your favorite artists without having to travel to cons to get them, check out The Pushpin, which just launched. Find out more about the project and how it came to be here.
  • I just remembered that it’s CAKE this weekend! Enjoy Chicago, zinesters.

And one final thing– RIP Adam West. You will always be my favorite Batman.

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