Previously on Comics: Diversity Killed the Comic Star?

Hey WWACers! It’s the first day of Passover (I’m a Jew) which means I can’t eat bread for over a week, which means I’m cranky. I’d like to say I turned to comics to ease my mood, but those can make me pretty upset too, especially when they blame tanking sales on added diversity.

First though, let’s talk about some other stuff. Girlish Number Shura is getting its own anime! This was announced during a con in Japan, exciting fans of the original Girlish Number and giving anime watchers more attitude to look forward to in the form of the show’s iconic pop songs.

This is the fifth year of Cripping the Comic Con at Syracuse University. This all day event about disability inclusion and accessibility will take place on April 22. This year’s theme is “Our Own Icons!” which I’m super into. Bring me more disabled comic stars!

Happiness Pony…is one of those decidedly odd local features: a single-sheet ’zine that you might find in a coffeehouse or being handed out for free at festivals such as stART on the Street or the New England Vegan Festival.” Now it’s being collected into a book so that everyone can enjoy its truly eclectic style.

Liminal Comics has just been launched by an ex-Vertigo editor as an imprint of Brain Mill Press. Their launch title is about “Harlan, a disabled man who investigates a haunted Victorian mansion and finds out more about his abilities and limitations in the process.” I’m in!

So, comic book sales (for some big name publishers) aren’t what they once were, or what executives would like them to be. Of course, women must be to blame. The Marvel VP of Sales suggested that fans really don’t want “diversity” in their comics. G. Willow Wilson, creator of the new Ms. Marvel and general awesome human, has replied by saying, “Diversity as a form of performative guilt doesn’t work,” she wrote. “Let’s scrap the word diversity entirely and replace it with authenticity and realism. This is not a new world. This is *the world.*”

A bunch of cool releases are on their way:

Image: Farel Dalrymple releases Pop Gun War sequel this June.

Alterna Comics: Increasing print runs after receiving early order numbers that were higher than expected. This includes: Adam Wreck #1, Amazing Age #1, Croak #1, and Lilith Dark #1.
First Second: The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks is in development with Frederator Studios and Recursion Media.

Oni: The Damned starts a new series with a $1 first issue.
MAD Magazine: Mad About Trump will be 128 pages of relentless Trump mockery.

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