Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Review

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink 

Brenden Fletcher, Kelly Thompson, Tini Howard (Writers), Daniele Di Nicuolo (Artist), Sarah Stern (Colors), Ed Dukeshire (Letters)
BOOM Studios
April 19, 2017

With nostalgia being a big hit lately and a brand new feature length movie gaining lots of attention, the Power Rangers franchise is becoming a household name once more. As someone who was a fan of the original series, as well as the ones that followed, I’m personally enjoying this fresh energy. While I do admit to not reading the comics before, I couldn’t pass up the trade paperback of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink, since Kimberly was always my favorite and still is to this day. While it’s not vital to have prior knowledge before reading this title, it is highly recommended and will help your enjoyment. But this story is a brand new adventure that takes place after Kimberly leaves the Power Rangers. While not canon to the show, it’s a nice exploration of what Kimberly did after saving the world.

When Kimberly left the Rangers it was to participate in the Pan Global Games because she’s still a gymnast. The comic starts at the end of this event; she hasn’t heard from her mother in a while, so she decides to find her. This all takes place in Europe, as the games are held in the Netherlands and her mother resides in a small French town. However, once she gets there she notices everything is dead silent and feels something is wrong. What she’s stumbled upon is an evil plan by Goldar to take over the world and it’s up to Kim, her new friends Serge and Britt, plus old friends Trini and Zack to stop him and save the villagers. I felt the comic started off a little slow, and while I knew the story had to be stretched out to fill six issues, certain elements were pretty obvious early on but took a while to happen. As the story progressed, the pacing improved and Kimberly’s voice began to shine. She has a lot of inner dialogue which provides nice insight into her thoughts, insecurities, and, of course, her feelings for Tommy.

I enjoyed Daniele Di Nicuolo’s artwork; the characters are expressive and well-drawn, especially Goldar. His face was one of my favorites, having a very feline feel to it yet also showing much more emotion than the original show allowed his suit. The colors are bright and appropriate for color-coded superheroes and I appreciated the attention to detail in terms of the outfits, weapons and Zords. The backgrounds are often lacking, often just being solid colors, but this isn’t always the case thankfully. I do have two issues though. One, all of the cover art shows Kimberly in her traditional Pink Ranger outfit, yet in the book when Zordon lends her the power to morph again her uniform is very different, as are the uniforms of all of the Rangers she recruits. I was a bit disappointed by this–they weren’t bad looking, but I feel like the covers promised one thing the inside didn’t deliver. I did, however, like that all of the other Rangers who were lent Kimberly’s pink energy had hints of pink in their uniforms. It was a nice touch and made the team really seem like hers. My other nitpick is just that Kimberly, Zack and Trini don’t look too much like the actors who portrayed them.

The new recruits

This book is a very solid read. It brought back a lot of memories and it was nice to see the old Rangers suit up again to battle evil, especially Trini, as Thuy Tran (the actress who portrayed Trini) sadly has since passed away. I wish the dialogue was quirkier, especially since Kimberly coined the phrase “Morphinominal” yet never said it here.  Overall, this is a very solid tribute to the Pink Ranger and Amy Jo Johnson, her actress, even provides a forward in the trade, giving readers some brief reflections back on her life as a Power Ranger. For fans of the original Power Rangers, and especially Pink Ranger fans like me, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink is a must read. Enjoy the nostalgia trip and learn more about Kimberly. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

Ashley Gibbs

Ashley Gibbs

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