Kickstart Your April – 6 Crowdfunded Comics to Check Out

Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon

If you’re feeling burned out on big comics publishers, or just want to add some new names to your “to-read” list, then crowdfunded campaigns might have exactly what you never knew you were looking for. But the pool of crowdfunded books is deep and sometimes hard to navigate–hence this new column! This month’s round-up features some writers that have been featured in back-ups and indie anthologies, as well as a panoply of artists whose previous projects range from Jem and the Misfits to years of webcomics. While they’re not all new names, these projects might help inject a little freshness into your current library.

Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon
Hansel Moreno (writer), Chan Chau, Julian Adkins, John Adkins, Maria Frantz, Julie Godwin, and Devin Kraft (artists)

Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon is a collection of five stories written by Hansel Moreno (Stache Comics’ Out of the Blue anthology) set in the same fantasy universe, each with a different artist. The titular Galahad is an enchanted suit of armor, and the book contains one main, 49-page story of featuring their travails (a ten-page preview can be found here). The other four stories are shorts featuring other members of the ensemble, including a coven of witches and Galahad’s creator. The art styles all have a fairy-tale harmony when previewed together, and the production design mock-up looks like a gorgeous storybook.

Grafity's WallGrafity’s Wall
Ram V (writer), Anand RK (illustrator), Irma Kniivila (colorist), Aditya Bidikar (lettering)

Set in Mumbai, this books stars Grafity, an aptly named street artist who creates an expansive mural, weaving together the stories of his friends and their lives in vibrant art. The preview art by Ananda RK and Irma Kniivila already creates a beautiful and vibrant city, and Ram V (Sawdust Press’ Blood Root: Issue Three) teases a lush story of tight-knit friendship and art in his description of the project.

TABULA IDEM: A Queer Tarot Comic Anthology Relaunch
Hye M. and Iris Jay (editors)

This is the second attempt at funding this project. Although the first attempt at a Kickstarter failed to garner enough funding, the editors, Hye M. and Iris Jay, refused to be defeated, they retooled their project and launched again. This anthology centers around the Major Acarna and features queer stories by queer creators each themed around a different card. The project also includes the stretch goal of a physical tarot deck of the 22 Major Acarna cards created by the artists featured in the book.

Everything Will Be Okay
Matt D. Wilson (writer), Rodrigo Vargas (artist), Joe Hunter (colorist) and Josh Krach (lettering)

This mini-series follows two siblings living in a space station and their escape from a world beset by problems and disasters. Matt D. Wilson (Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective) promises an escalation into the absurd, and preview images show potential catastrophes on the ground, including tornadoes, comets, and kaiju. Backers will get digital copies of each issue as it comes out, and then if they wish, a physical print book once the run is completed.

The Gospel of Carol: Radical Teen Study Edition
John S. Troutman

This Kickstarter is for a print edition of a webcomic (also funded via Kickstarter) starring the daughter of God, Carol. Styled like an extra hip looking Bible for teens, this parody of the New Testament (and more), promises new stories for old fans if stretch goals are reached.

Bingo LoveBingo Love
Tee Franklin (writer), Jenn St-Onge (artist), Joy San (colorist), Cardinal Rae (lettering), Erica Schultz (editor)

Bingo Love is a love story that spans decades. Thirteen-year-olds Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray meet in 1963, become best friends, fall in love, and then get cruelly pulled apart by the oppressive social mores of the time. Then, in a bingo hall in 2015, they meet again. Jenn St-Onge’s (Jem and the Misfits) art is soft and expressive, making this look like a heartfelt story of love regained. Tee Franklin (seen in Nailbiter and Love is Lovehas been a vocal advocate for diverse stories and creators in the comics industry and this looks to be perfectly in line with her mission statement. Extras include adorable postcards of the couple traveling the world together.

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