GIFing and Riffing with John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2. Keanu Reeves. Film. 2017.

In February, the sequel to the fantastic film, John Wick, was released and John Wick: Chapter 2 was dope.

John Wick. Keanu Reeves. Source: Gif.
He’s back, ya’ll.

Now before we continue to give praise to this film, I would like to take a moment of silence for Daisy who made an impact in the limited screen time she had in the first film.

Daisy. John Wick. Keanu Reeves. Source: Gif.
I am Daisy. I am here to help you heal.
Daisy. Keanu Reeves. Source: Gif.
Get you a puppy who is cute and loves fast cars.
Daisy. John Wick. Keanu Reeves. Source: Gif.
Kisses for John!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about why this sequel is the best. Beware of spoilers, because there will be plenty.

The movie starts up two weeks after the first one and after getting his revenge for the death of Daisy, John gets back the car that was stolen from him.

Aurelio. John Leguizamo. John Wick. Source: Gif.

Like Daisy, that car was significant because of the precious memories it contained, including a picture of his deceased wife Helen. I loved this, because it made sense for John. Senseless violence isn’t his style at this point in his life, especially over a material object. No. This is a man who just wants to grieve, and he can’t grieve with his memories in the clutches of a Russian mobster.

Dog. John Wick. Source: Gif. 2017.
Give him a name, John. Don’t be afraid to love.

He’s got his car, although a little busted, Helen’s photo, and a new dog! Let John cuddle in his fancy glass house and contemplate future endeavors like a doggie daycare. But no. People won’t let John Wick live his life! They want to ruin the John the Dog Walker dreams we all have for him. Cue the film’s baddie: Santino D’Antonio.

John Wick: Chapter 2. Keanu Reeves. Santino D'Antonio. Riccardo Scamarcio. Film. 2017.
Boo. No gifs of Santino being a slimy, entitled, cowardly douche.

The great thing about a film like John Wick is how very little effort the sequel needs to put into its bad guy. Is he stopping John from having his happy quiet life? Then he’s the enemy. But he still went beyond the call for the top bad guy role, so here’s a list of his infractions:

  • He forced John out of his brief second retirement.
  • He blew up his glass house of memories. That was cold.
  • He hired John to kill his sister.
  • He’s an entitled brat. He killed his sister so he could lead the family assassin business.
  • He’s an entitled backstabbing brat. HE TRIED TO KILL JOHN AFTER FORCING HIM TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK. Dude! John wouldn’t have snitched! Not cool. He would have probably gone after you because you blew up his glass house of emotions memories, but let’s be real, that was a mess up on your part.
  • He’s an entitled cowardly backstabbing brat. You ran into The Continental, because John was hot on your slimy trail. I hate you, sir. I don’t like you at all.
Get Out. Betty Gabriel. Georgina. Film. 2017. Gif.
Not today, Santino.

John does away with Santino (blessed), but gets into hot water over it (fair). But the film did other great things throughout. The action is marvelous.

John Wick: Chapter 2. Source: Gif. 2017.
Cool car spin.
John Wick. Source: Gif. 2017.
Watch me badass.
John Wick: Chapter 2. Source: Gif. 2017.
I have a PhD in whoop ass.

There’s like 200% more action, but it works because the first film built up John’s motivations and backstory so well that there was more room to level up. It wasn’t just action for just the sake of action because there was also funny action, heartbreaking action, and I-am-John-Wick-Dammit action. It was great. I also approved of the people they added to the roster.


Cassian. Common. John Wick: Chapter 2. Source: Gif. 2017.
“My name is Cassian, you killed my ward, prepare to die!”

Common was great as Cassian, and my favorite action scenes included Cassian versus John.


Ares. Ruby Rose. John Wick: Chapter 2. Source: imgur. Gif. 2017.
Fancy subtitles!

I really liked that Ruby Rose played a deaf assassin, which also lent to an interesting use of subtitles that wasn’t there for the first film.

Bowery King

This Laurence Fishburne character was such an exaggeration, and I loved it. “GET this man a gun.” Yes, Laurence. Act the hell out of that line. Sadly, GIF makers are slacking on the greatest of the Bowery King.

Finally, last, but certainly not least, the world building is pretty cool. I really enjoyed the franchise’s heightened take on the underworld from the bullet-proof suits, the assassins hiding everywhere from violinists to homeless men, and an assassin network with a 1950s feel that keeps records of paid hits and who’s been excommunicado.

This movie is impossible not to love, and Keanu is superb. I want a third movie, and please do it in a way that allows for great GIFs for every occasion.

John Wick Chapter 2 Premiere. Keanu Reeves. Press. Film. 2017.


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